Ten Smoked Salmon Recipes Perfect For a Show-stopping Main Course

Ever thought of preparing a salmon dish for anything else other than just brunch? Well, salmon can make a pretty amazing main course. The only secret if for you to master some of the perfect smoking recipes that can turn plain old salmon into a show-stopping main course.


With smoking as the cooking style, you can experiment with several recipes with smoked salmon, other than the classic breakfast dish of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Here are the top ten smoked salmon recipes you should dare to try this season:

1Orecchiette with hot-smoked salmon and peas

For this recipe, you start by cooking pasta as per the instructions on the packaging. After, blanch peas in boiling salted water for a minute or two. Meanwhile, smoke the salmon because it is better smoked than boiled for this dish. Once everything is ready, prepare a sauce of your favorite ingredients and then mix the pasta with the sauce in a bowl. Also, add in the salmon and the peas and gently toss to combine.


Image Source: www.delicious.com.a

2Potato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon

As you smoke your salmon, coarsely shred the potatoes and an onion in a food processor or on a box grater. Squeeze out the shredding in a kitchen towel until they are dry. In a bowl, mix up the shredded mixture with an egg, flour, baking powder, black pepper, salt, along with any other ingredients you would want to be represented. Once done, pour a few drops of the potato mixture into the skillet to make a pancake, and cook until golden on both sides. Serve those pancakes with smoked salmon, and a dip or sauce if you so wish.


Image Source: www.cookinglight.com

3Scrambled Eggs, Avocado, and Smoked Salmon on Toast

Start by mashing your avocado with a fork, and season with lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Spread the mashed avocado on your toast slices. Meanwhile, your salmon should be smoking. Cook some eggs in a skillet over medium-low heat, and scoop it on the toast slices along with the smoked salmon and serve.


Image Source: www.theanthonykitchen.com

4Smoked Salmon Omelette

Saute zucchini till golden before you add spinach, chives, and seasonings. Place omelettes on serving plates topped with vegetable mixture and smoked salmon.


Image Source: www.olivemagazine.com

5Hot-smoked salmon with lemon and dill couscous

Soak the couscous in hot water for a few minutes until absorbed all the water. After, pour boiling water on spinach to wilt it and then drain it to let go as much water as possible. Add in some of your favorite ingredients in a bowl, then pour it over the couscous and fluff with a fork. Afterward, add the smoked salmon, mix gently, and serve.


Image Source: www.bbc.com


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