Ten of the Most Expensive Restaurants in the World Where Food Is an Ultra Sensory Affair

3 Masa, New York City, $600

Masa has been considered overpriced by some and is a hangout for celebrities of Hollywood and the world’s elite. It is a Japanese Sushi restaurant owned by reputed Chef Masa Takayama who opened it in 2004. Expect to shell out a cool $600 for one person where you also get to rub shoulders with the stars.


Image Source: www.topinspired.com

2 Ultraviolet, Shanghai, China, $625

An eatery owned by Paul Pairet, the experience is a sensory hi-tech atmosphere of music, video, scents and simulations. Dishes are rotated frequently and a meal will cost you $625 at this fabulously expensive restaurant in China.


Image Source: www.english.cri.cn

1 Sublimotion, Ibiza, Spain, $1593

Above all of the rest in terms of décor, cuisine and of course money, this is the world’s most expensive restaurant where hold your breath, a meal cost $1593 per person for a 20-course dinner. The Chef here is none other than Michelin star Paco Roncero who gives his diners an ultra sensory experience with the marriage of food, art and technology. The restaurant is open only during the islands summer season and is famous for its DIY menus such as salads where guests pick their own salad items from a farm.


Image Source: www.sublimotionibiza.com


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