Ten of the Most Expensive Restaurants in the World Where Food Is an Ultra Sensory Affair

7 Restaurant Crissier, Switzerland, $415

This three Michelin star restaurant has seen a succession of 40 legendary and famous chefs. The restaurant offers a gastronomic sensory experience earning praise from professional rankings and customer reviews. Chef Benoit Violier was voted chef of the year 2013 in Switzerland. Some of the signature dishes include white catfish saint gilles-croix-de-vie cooked with lemongrass, summer roasted mushrooms and red fruit soufflé. A meal at the Crissier will cost you $415 per person.


Image Source: www.therichest.com

6 Restaurant Le Meurice, Paris, $524

Another property of award-winning chef Alain Ducasse, this opulent luxurious French restaurant is decorated with crystal chandeliers, bronze and marble. AT $524 per person you can taste three specialties and a portion of cheese and dessert. Drinks will cost you a few hundred dollars more. Some of the most delectable examples of the Le Meurice are Guinea fowl pie, lobster with potatoes and veal sweetbread.


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5 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives, $550

Rated as the most beautiful restaurant in the world by the New York daily News, Ithaa undersea restaurant lies 5 meters below the Indian Ocean where diners get a 180 view of the panoramic coral wonderland surrounding the restaurant. Serving European cuisine with exotic food such as reef fish caviar a meal can set you back at $550 per person.


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4 Plaza Athénéé, Paris, $550

Plaza Athenee in Paris is also owned by Alain Ducasse who seems to own the majority of world’s most expensive restaurants. The property is lavishly decorated with chandeliers made from 10,000 glimmering crystals where the dining room itself is a work of art. A plate of caviar alone would cost $260. Among one of the most expensive restaurants in the world, it is also set in the world’s most beautiful city, Paris.


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