Surprising Things You Shouldn’t Try On An Empty Stomach

Going by the hectic lifestyles of the current generation, it is no surprise that breakfast does not figure prominently on their to do lists. The mad rush to reach their destinations on time makes early mornings a war zone where members of the family struggle to do their bit. Did you know that skipping breakfast completely or eating below the required capacity is not a wise thing to do? When you remain hungry, you cannot give your best and end up with disastrous results. We have compiled a list of some such things you should definitely not try to do on an empty stomach.

1 Go Shopping for Grocery Items

You should never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach as you are likely to pile up your shopping cart with foods rich in sugar and carbohydrates. It is wise to eat a light snack before you venture out.

grocery  item shopping

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2 Drinking Coffee or Tea

It is not good to drink tea or coffee on an empty stomach as it can raise the acid levels in the body leading to nausea or vomiting. It is always better to have a light snack along with it.

Drinking Coffee or Tea

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3 Popping Anti-inflammatory Medicines

It has been recommended not to pop in painkillers on an empty stomach as it can hurt the stomach lining leading to nausea and at times gastric bleeding. It is better to check with your doctor before taking any action. If you must take it, replace water with milk. The other way would be to wash it down with plenty of water.

Anti-inflammatory Medicines

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