Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Out!! The Perfect Treat to Cool You on A Warm Fall Day!

4More pumpkin goodies are releasing this month

But you know something??? Its not just these pumpkin ice cream sandwiches that are hitting the shelves at Whole Foods this September. As part of the Halloween festive lineup, there are several other fall-themed treats available throughout this season. What would you say to an organic pumpkin cheesecake sandwich crème or naturally flavored pumpkin spice with whipped topping made from real cream?

Pumpkin goodies are releasing this month

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5The pumpkin treats on offer are surely going to get you in Halloween mode

Whole Foods and 365 by Whole foods have much more in store for you this fall. On offer is pumpkin spice apple sauce, organic apple-pear ginger Italian soda, Italian made butternut squash pasta sauce and pumpkin spice apple cider. Rather than dwell on the problems of the current moment, it’s time to enjoy a bit and also think about the future. With all the aches and pains of this year, we still have come more than halfway through 2020, and there will be an end to the crisis that’s for sure.


More unique pumpkin-based goodies on offer are maple pumpkin butter from The Fresh Market, pumpkin caramel yogurt from Yoplait’s Oui, and Member’s Mark pumpkin pecan clusters at Sam’s Club. There’s even pumpkin beer available at Sam Adams, how about that?

Pumpkin treats on offer

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6Even Hershey’s has got a surprise for everyone

Halloween is exciting for everybody. The spookiness of the festival is the highlight and to make it even more meaningful, what better than candy specials like Hershey’s new candy line up that has also just been announced. In fact, Hershey has also announced that the new candy line up will be hitting the stores this month throughout the country. So, when you are on your Halloween shopping spree, don’t forget these two. Even Starbucks is already out with their famous pumpkin latte known only as PSL.

Even Hershey’s has got a surprise for everyone

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7The specials from Hershey’s

Among the Hershey’s lineup are four all-new Halloween special candies. There is a Frankenstein Reese special, For the Witch fans there are new KitKats, and the best one yet, a Vampire Kiss. To make it more interesting. The new Reese’s Franken Cups with the milk chocolate and peanut butter combo will also come with Franken-green Crème on the bottom. The treats are being sold in snack-size portion so that makes it easy for you to hand out to the kiddies who come trick or treating at your door on the big day. There is no reason why you can’t also tuck into them yourself.

The specials from Hershey’s

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