Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches Are Out!! The Perfect Treat to Cool You on A Warm Fall Day!

Fall is just one month away and its time we started thinking more positively and read better news than be terrified daily from the virus. For many, the scents and sounds in the atmosphere tell us that fall starts from September 1. Maybe it’s an excuse to start the countdown to Halloween but don’t you think we need something to make us happier in this morose pandemic? Enough said about the virus when Halloween is around the corner, (well a month but so what)!! Isn’t it time to think about the pumpkin treats and goodies too? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the mouthwatering pumpkin goodies on offer.


1Here’s a nice Pumpkin coming to stores near you!

Fine, the weather is still warm and pumpkin soups and lattes aren’t worth thinking about so what’s the best alternative?? Organic pumpkin ice cream sandwiches of course!! Pumpkin ice cream is one treat that is going viral this Halloween and we are going to tell you where to get it. This is one pumpkin treat that is perfect for this heat and it kind of puts you in the mood for Halloween too.

Pumpkin coming to stores near you

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2Here’s where to get pumpkin ice cream sandwiches

Now where exactly are you going to get hold of pumpkin ice cream let alone pumpkin ice cream sandwiches. Well, at Whole Foods of course!! If you find a Whole Foods Market in your locality or even if it’s not too far away, just get down there after reading this and get yourself a brand-new pumpkin ice cream treat. What’s even cool about it is that the pumpkin ice cream sandwiches at Whole Foods is organic. Now that’s an added reason to get it.

Pumpkin ice cream sandwiches

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3Made from organic produce

Pumpkin ice cream sandwiches at Whole Foods is just $4.99 for a box of six and were launched to hit store shelves in September, so by the time you’re done reading this, it may be already selling like hotcakes, (cold cakes rather!!). To not waste time, it would be better to phone the market and find out if they are available. These ice cream sandwiches made from organic pumpkin contain only 180 calories with 3 grams of protein.

Made from organic produce

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