10 Major Benefits of Coconut Oil Proven By Science

Coconut oil has a unique combination of fatty acids which have a wide range of health benefits like improving your heart health, boosting brain function, and promoting fat loss. This is one reason why coconut oil is widely marketed as a superfood.


Science has indeed back this claim by providing evidence with these 10 health benefits of coconut oil.

1 Boosts heart health

Coconut which is loaded with coconut oil is a dietary staple in some parts of the world. Island populations like the people of Tokelau, an island chain in the South Pacific mainly get more than 60% of their calories from coconuts. According to researchers, the people were not only in extremely good health but were also highly unlikely to develop heart disease.

Boosts heart health

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2Coconut oil contain healthy fatty acids

There is a high content of certain saturated fats in coconut oil which have different effects in the body. In comparison to other dietary fats these fatty acids accelerate the fat burn process in your body and increase the levels of HDL or good cholesterol in your blood. This helps in reducing the risk of heart disease.


Coconut oil consists of medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs which are a type of fat that is metabolized in a different way by your body as compared to most other fats. These MCTs provide the most health benefits of coconut oil as they are used by the body as a quick source of energy by turning them into ketones. As per researchers, these ketones can even be used for treating, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and other conditions.

Coconut oil contain healthy fatty acids

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3Promotes fat burn

The MCTs contained in coconut oil increases the amount of calories burned by your body. A study revealed that consuming 15-30 grams of MCTs regularly significantly increase the number of calories your body can burn by 5%. However, since coconut oil is fairly high in calories eating too much of it can have the opposite effect.

Promotes fat burn

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