15 Incredible Fruits That You Didn’t Even Know Existed


For quite some time this fruit has been promoted to be an alternative treatment for cancer. Unfortunately, there is no medical evidence to support this claim. This fruit is said to have a unique flavor as it is a bit acidic when ripe. This is why the fruit is called ‘soursop’. It is found in Central America and the Caribbean. The pulp is used for a number of things such as ice cream flavorings, fruit juices, candies, smoothies, etc.

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The name of this fruit comes from the fact that when it is cooked it resembles freshly-baked bread but tastes like potato. This fruit is native to the South Pacific and is also a staple food in many countries. The properties of this fruit are quite unnatural as it is 71% water, 27% carbohydrates, and just 1% protein. It is a good source of vitamin C.

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13Blue Java Banana

The fruit is known locally as the ‘ice cream banana’ as it resembles a banana while having a sweet aroma and vanilla-like custard flavor. The fruits are 18-23 centimeters in length. These fruits are grown as ornamental as well as shade plants. These fruits look quite unique due to their bluish coloration when unripe.

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14Physalis Fruit

It looks like a small tomato and is encased in a delicate, papery husk that covers the fruit. Over 40 unique species of this plant grows in Mexico. It is also called ‘cape gooseberry’ or ‘goldenberry’. It is relished by locals who live on the mountain slopes of Chile and Peru. It is used as a garnish for desserts in many restaurants.

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The name is in Spanish and it means ‘hammer’ as the fruit has a very hard exterior as a coconut. Its most common name is ‘lotus fruit’. In many Asian cultures, the plant is held in high regard. The seeds are consumed as food while in other parts it is used as traditional medicine. The seeds are very rich in vitamins B, dietary minerals, and protein.

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