10 Human foods for Dogs that are excellent source of nutrients and good for Dog health

Every dog lover ensures that their dog is always in good health. However what most of us do not realize is that there are many ingredients which may suit us but aren’t good for dogs. You love your dog and can’t resist throwing him a scrap when you’re eating but that’s hardly going to do anything for his coat and his well being. Here are 10 human foods for dogs that are immensely beneficial for your furry friend’s health. Before you give your dog any food always consult your vet first.


1 Lean meat provides your dog energy


The one thing dogs need for energy and muscular health is protein. Lean meat like pork, chicken and beef are rich sources of b vitamins and amino acids that boost their metabolism. When purchasing meat always look for non fat meat and always avoid ground meat which contains a lot of fat.

Lean meat provides your dog energy

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2 Fish

Fish especially salmon and tuna are both excellent for dogs. Being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it helps dogs maintain a shiny coat, improves cognitive function and boosts immunity. When purchasing fish look for wild caught local fish. Never give your dog raw fish to eat. Always cook it.


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3 Liver

Liver is a rich source of Vitamins A, B and K as well as iron. Liver contains several essential nutrients good for dog’s health. You can either get liver from your grocery store or purchase it frozen. Dog biscuits sold in pet stores also contain liver or you could also ask specifically for liver biscuits. Always pay heed to the kind of biscuits you purchase depending on whether you have a small or large breed. Never give too much liver and follow the instructions.


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4 Oatmeal

Among human foods for dogs, oatmeal is great for animal digestion. Containing fiber and whole grain it is a healthier option than refined grain. Oatmeal benefits older dogs with digestion problems and great for dogs who may be allergic to wheat.


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5 Parsley

Parsley is good for freshening your dog’s breath. If your dog has a particularly bad or smelly breath, a tablespoon of fresh parsley added to your dog’s meal will do the trick. Parlsey is also rich in potassium and calcium.


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6 Peas

Peas are rich in potassium which is crucial for dog’s health. Peas also contains phosphorous and vitamin B both essential items for dogs. Just add a handful of peas to your dogs bowl. Natural foods of course are the best possible food option for your pooch. You can use bully sticks and raw foods too to get the same nutrients.

Dog eating Peas

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7 Carrots

Carrots promote healthy teeth. Crunching on carrots will remove the plaque and tartar on your dogs teeth not forgetting the wealth of nutrients and vitamins found abundant in carrots.

Dog holding Carrots in his mouth

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8 Seaweed Nori

Seaweed is one of the ingredients used for wrapping sushi. It is a great source of fiber for dogs and helps regulate the metabolism.

Seaweed Nori

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9 Yogurt or Cottage Cheese

Both these items are rich in calcium healthy for your dog’s teeth and bone health. Yoghurt also contains probiotics helpful for digestion and gut health. Don’t add sugar to such items and always find out if your dog is lactose intolerant or not.

Yogurt or Cottage Cheese

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10 Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best human foods for dogs. It is a good protein oil that boosts immunity and promotes skin health. Non sweet coconut flakes can also be added to meals and will maintain a great healthy coat. Monoglyceride and mono laurin is also a source of antibacterial and anti viral properties.

Coconut Oil

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