10 Human foods for Dogs that are excellent source of nutrients and good for Dog health

Every dog lover ensures that their dog is always in good health. However what most of us do not realize is that there are many ingredients which may suit us but aren’t good for dogs. You love your dog and can’t resist throwing him a scrap when you’re eating but that’s hardly going to do anything for his coat and his well being. Here are 10 human foods for dogs that are immensely beneficial for your furry friend’s health. Before you give your dog any food always consult your vet first.

1 Lean meat provides your dog energy

The one thing dogs need for energy and muscular health is protein. Lean meat like pork, chicken and beef are rich sources of b vitamins and amino acids that boost their metabolism. When purchasing meat always look for non fat meat and always avoid ground meat which contains a lot of fat.

Lean meat provides your dog energy

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