7 Healthy Foods That Men Should Eat More of and 5 They Should Completely Avoid

Hitting the gym frequently and enjoying a good link on the weekend is just one part of the leading an active and healthy lifestyle routine. Watching what you eat is what completes the routine because it has a significant impact on your health. The problem is that most men don’t even realize if they are eating healthy or not. As a man, there are certain foods good for you and some bad for you but you have to know which is which. Here are 7 foods good for men to eat and 5 to avoid.


1Consuming more fatty fish

The heart always requires extra care implying that you will have to do more than just follow many expert tips for the heart, go on hour long runs, or pump a lot of iron into your system. Ensuring a strong circulatory system enables you move at any pace you feel like. Vitamin D is obtained from the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish such as trout, salmon, sardines, and tuna, and thus should be included into your diet plan. Men’s diet especially lacks vitamin D, so they should include fish in their meals at least twice in a week.

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2Avoid eating junk food

Having junk food cravings is normal, but you should always remember that it can seriously damage your body from within. In fact, as you age, consuming junk like cookies or sugar-filled baked goods, and French fries can lead to you developing life-altering conditions. Heart attacks are common in those who frequently consume French fries since they are cooked in extremely unhealthy oils. Plus, the potatoes used to make the fries are unhealthy and tend to increase insulin levels in men. Baked goods like doughnuts, cookies, and muffins have high sugar content and this can seriously ruin your digestive function while making you gain weight rapidly.

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3Eating more berries is way healthier

Munching on berries on a regular basis is a good way to satisfy your hunger while eating healthy. The antioxidants present in berries help in slowing down the decline in brain functions, occurring as a result of the aging process. Berries can easily be added to your favorite breakfast cereal or you may even try blending it in your smoothie, adding it to your oatmeal, or perhaps eating it as a snack.

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4Consuming too much canned soup is bad

Often when you need to cook for yourself, you would find it far more convenient to consume a packaged, and overly-processed microwaveable meal or simply canned soup which is fast and filling. While it is also cheap, the fact remains that the ingredients in these are no good for your body. To make the soup last for long periods the health benefits from the broth, vegetables, and protein are removed. In addition, these soups contain huge amounts of sodium which can cause high blood pressure.

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