15 Photos That Break Healthy Food Myths You Have Believed For A Long Time

11Idolized v/s demonized

We all have already made up minds regarding some food items, for example, we consider some food items as healthy and we went on to idolize them while some are considered as non-healthy and they are demonized by us. Brown toast with avocado is considered as a great option while white toast with nutella in considered as an unhealthy option but in reality the latter has less calorie.


12Emotional overeating

Many people tend to eat more whenever they feel emotionally traumatized , however Graeme feels that it is a wrong approach because this means food is controlling you. He suggests that a person should control himself and say no to overeating as it is not going to solve the problem but if will definitely increase the calories intake which is not good for body.

13Eating carbs after 6 PM

It is a common belief that we should not eat carbs after 6 pm as the metabolism of the body is not as active as it is in daytime. However, a research as revealed that those who ate carbs after 6 pm showed more losses in total body weight in comparison to those who eat in the daytime. So, just relax and enjoy carbs after 6 pm also.


14Manage your calorie intake

Graeme tries to convey through this post that weight loss or gain takes place because of calorie deficit or surplus so you should manage your calorie intake. An avocado may be more nutritious than smarties but the calories are same so if you want to lose weight than you need to see which food items will help you in achieving your goal.

15Takeaway Pizza v/s Homemade Pizza

If you love pizza, there is no harm in having it at your favorite outlet sometimes but if you are having it often than it is a problem as it will result in huge calorie intake so it is better to make pizza at home which will not only manage your calorie intake but will also save money.


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