15 Photos That Break Healthy Food Myths You Have Believed For A Long Time

6Fashion v/s frown

Just imagine if you visit a restaurant with your friends and all of them ordered avocado and mixed seed toast which is considered as one of the healthiest snacks while you ordered bacon and eggs on toast which is definitely not a healthier snack in the eyes of your friends. Everybody will frown at you for your choice of snack but in reality bacon and egg with toast contains fewer calories in comparison to avocado and mixed seed toast.


7Does sugar really causes obesity?

Many nutritional experts have declared sugar as the main cause of obesity but that is not completely correct as per Graeme. In this post, he has stated that sugar as an isolated food item has 400 calories in 100 gm sugar but when the same amount of sugar is present in food items, it amounted to more amount of calories. This straightaway proves that sugar may be one of causes of obesity but it is not the main cause of obesity.

8Being healthy or being ridiculous

Fruits should be an important part of everyone’s diet and there are companies which are selling 100 percent fruit juices and people like to drink these fruit juices rather than taking the pain of peeling off and then eating the fruit. However, it totally depends on the person that in which manner he wants to consume fruits, undoubtedly, drinking a bottle of juice which has Juice of six oranges is far easier than eating six oranges.


9Superfood v/s just food

Dried goji berries have been declared as superfood by some nutritional experts but they are very expensive and Graeme has put forth an interesting comparison using strawberries. He compares both the food items, while strawberries are very cheap in comparison to goji berries, they also have less sugar and calories, have a look:

10Skinny Coffee v/s Real Coffee

Many celebrities endorse the Skinny coffee as “miracle weight loss drink” but in reality one serving of skinny coffee contains more calories than the real coffee. The irony is that real coffee is not promoted by the celebrities which can help more in weight loss than the skinny coffee.



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