15 Photos That Break Healthy Food Myths You Have Believed For A Long Time

The present generation is very much focused on living healthy and obviously it is directly related to eating healthy. A lot is being said and discussed about the healthy eating options but the problem is that there is too much of controversial information available nowadays and it is confusing people to a great extent.


Today we are going to tell you about a fitness chef, personal coach and nutritional consultant who keep posting about healthy food options on his social media accounts. We are talking about Graeme Tomlinson whose nickname is The Fitness Chef and all the posts that he makes are based on scientific research. Here are some of his posts which will not only surprise you but will also make you believe that losing weight is not as difficult as it is being cited.

1Dried fruits v/s fruits

Fresh fruits are definitely one of the best food items which you should have on your list if you want to eat healthy and live healthy but the problem arises when people start eating dried fruits, confusing them as healthy as fresh fruits. The dried fruits are way higher in terms of calorie and sugar in comparison to fresh fruits and this post will give you a clear idea about it.


2Cheat meal v/s 2 days meal

If you have read weight transformation stories then you must have noticed that almost each person has talked about his cheat meal. They take a day off from their tough fitness regime and have food items which they like to have and this meal is called cheat meal. However, Graeme feels that having a cheat meal defeats the whole purpose as the cheat meal is high on calorie and it is almost equivalent to six meals of 2 days. Graeme says that a cheat meal is good only if the person didn’t eat the next day.

3Brown v/s white

We all must have heard that brown wheat versions of rice, bread and pasta are healthier than their white counterparts and the latter also increase our chances of becoming fat as well. However, there is no denying the fact that wholegrain versions have more fibre but as far as the calorie is concerned, both versions are similar, so it doesn’t makes much difference to your weight whether you eat the white ones or the brown ones.


4Weight loss supplements

There are many weight loss supplements available in the market and people who want to lose weight are consuming them in a hope to get lean figure quickly. However, Graeme makes a pretty valid point when he shares the photo of food items which are eaten by athletes and says that no athlete or sportsperson consume these weight-loss supplements and still they are fit. He says that athletes have learnt to control their lifestyle in a manner that it fits into their goal and we also need to do this. In simple words, he called these weight-loss supplements as useless and asked people to eat real food.

5The controversial Netflix documentary

Recently, a Netflix documentary, What The Health created controversy by stating that eating 1 egg is equivalent to smoking 5 cigarettes. Graeme doesn’t agree with it like other experts and states on his Instagram account that eating egg has no scientific relationship with smoking. He also added that eggs have vitamins, proteins and fatty acids which are good for fighting diseases.


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