15 Foods to Eat ASAP If You’re Feeling Bloated


An enzyme called actinidin contained within kiwi boosts the digestive process. In fact, only two Kiwis are good for providing enough potassium to eliminate bloating and fiber with just 90 calories for those who are on diets.


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Papaya contains papain, an enzyme that helps in breaking down food in your stomach and in reducing inflammation. During the menstrual cycle, you can buy and consume supplement form of papain to effectively soothe digestion. By consuming this, you’d even be getting added benefits like a healthy dosage of fibers and anti-inflammatory vitamin A. Just remember that it may contain a high amount of fructose which could be a bit rough on the GI system and hence, the serving should always be limited to 1 cup.


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Pineapple is a good source of bromelain which is an enzyme that improves digestion, which helps you get rid of bloating. All you need to do is to grill some freshly sliced pineapple rings to dress some chicken breast or you may simply have them for dessert.


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Peppermint is best used in tea if you are feeling bloated, as it can relieve gas by allowing the food in your intestine to pass through smoothly. This is a very popular and effective remedy for bloating.


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15Chamomile Tea

Teas enable the food to pass through your intestines with ease which helps in relieving gas and preventing bloating. You can even add a slice or two of ginger or lemon to a hot or cold cup of chamomile tea and drink it on a daily basis.

Chamomile Tea

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