15 Foods to Eat ASAP If You’re Feeling Bloated

When you feel bloated there isn’t much you can do than to wait until the feeling subsides. However, what if there was a way to make this feeling vanish sooner than simply sitting and waiting for later. Get to know how you can stop feeling bloated by eating certain foods.


There are generally two types of bloated feelings. Water bloating bloat makes you feel puffy and is mainly triggered due to not eating loads of salty foods, dehydration, not drinking enough water, hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle, or potassium deficiency. A gas bloat may be triggered by eating certain kinds of food like cruciferous vegetables- cauliflower/broccoli, dairy products, greasy foods, and often by eating beans. Some people find that switching to a ketogenic diet using a guide to keto can help eliminate this bloated feeling from their life. But, since each one of us is different, eating the same food may not cause a gas bloat in every one of us. Whatever may be the reason for the bloat, the fact remains that if you want to do something about it and relieve yourself of such an unpleasant feeling, here are 15 foods to eat when you have a bloated stomach?

1 Yogurt

The probiotics contained in yogurt are essentially the good bacteria (populating the GI tract) required by your body to promote better digestion and soothe any inflammation. In case of gas and bloating, probiotics come in handy in supporting your gut to be rid of such problems. Yogurt is also a good source of protein and can be enjoyed as a dessert along with fresh fruits like blueberries or grapefruit slices. If, you are lactose intolerant then try ‘kefir’ which is 99% lactose-free and even contains a larger variety of probiotic bacteria.

Packed Yogurt

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Ginger has great anti-inflammatory properties that work against gas and bloating. Hence, ginger is among the oldest known herbal medicines. It even contains an enzyme known as zingibain, which aids in the breakdown of protein. Ginger helps in relaxing the intestine thereby making the passage of food through it easier and also reduces any inflammation in the colon so that you don’t experience any gas or bloating. It’s recommended to have homemade ginger tea before, after and during a meal.


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Fennel is good against both types of bloating as it is a natural diuretic and therefore, banishes any intestinal gas. The antispasmodic andante-inflammatory properties of fennel seeds contain the compounds- fenchone, estragole, and anethole, that help in relaxing the intestinal muscle and letting the trapped gas dissipate. Fennel can be added and drunk along with tea or slice fennel bulbs can be added to your salad giving it some extra fiber to keep your hunger satiated for a long time.


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Banana is rich in potassium which prevents bloating. If you have been eating foods rich in sodium, chances are that your body will retain a high volume of water resulting in bloating. Hence, by consuming bananas, the potassium from them will flush out all the excess water and sodium from your body. But, eating one banana may not have the desired effect and for it to really work you will need to eat bananas and potassium-rich foods all throughout the day.


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The acidity of lemon juice is more or less the same as the stomach’s digestive juices. That means it sure comes in handy when dealing with symptoms of indigestion and bloating. Regularly drinking lemon juice will not only help you double down on hydration but will also get your GI tract moving things faster than before.


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