8 Foods that you should seriously avoid in summer

Despite of some foods being healthy, you should not consume them the whole year through. Certain foods are best eaten in seasons which are best suited to their composition and its effects on the human body. Seasonal fruits are best consumed likewise as it would benefit you in terms of health and money too. Since we are in the height of summer, here are 8 foods to avoid in summer.


1 Citrus fruit like Oranges

Citrus fruits like orange develop and mature during winter. It is during the cold season that you would most certainly find a juicy sweet orange. Although you may find the occasional orange in a large store in summer, it would not be the same.

Citrus fruit like Oranges

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2 Sweet potatoes

The common harvest period for sweet potatoes is in autumn or Fall and once summer sets in, they disappear due to their short life span in comparison to regular potatoes or carrots . The only way you’re gong to find a sweet potato on the shelf are those of the imported Chinese variety, manufactured with a large carbon footprint. So when there is fresh summer corn, why settle for sweet potatoes?!

Sweet potatoes

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3 Beef is heating in summer

Those juicy beef burgers in summer may make your mouth water but it will also spike your body temperatures to a point where you may actually feel the expression “heated up”. Such high protein foods give you a metabolic rush and do actually heat up your body simply because more energy is used in the digestive process. Moreover high protein meat in summer can also cause all sorts of digestive problems. Definitely among the foods to avoid in summer. Resort to the lighter chicken instead.

Beef is heating in summer

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4 Pomegranates

In summer, you may just about get your favorite pomegranates but in most cases these are bound to be Chilean imported ones, manufactured with a large dose of pesticides. If you really want to enjoy a nice sweet pomegranate grown in USA, then wait for winter instead.


Image Source: www.dieteticdirections.com


5 Tea and Coffee

Now this could well put a damper on most people because there are several folks who just can’t do without a good cuppa in the morning or evenings. Coffee especially, whether it is summer or winter is an integral part of almost every American diet. But, avoiding such drinks in summer can be beneficial to your health as these are diuretics and while sweating on a hot day makes you lose electrolytes and essential salts, your coffee and tea if drunken a lot will add to the same process resulting in dehydration. Settle for a fresh cool juice instead.

Tea & Coffee

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6 Oatmeal

If you’re thinking this list is cutting you off from all your favorite foods then think of the health benefits to your system. You need to chill and cool down in summer not heat up. Oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat cereals are all in the same category as high protein, which makes it difficult for digestion, making your body work overtime. Try a cool smoothie or seasonal fruit for breakfast.


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7 Asparagus

Asparagus is grown only in spring and no other time of the year. Canned asparagus just isn’t the same and though you may find imports from South American countries like Peru, but then, these are places where it is draining the countries natural resources dry, since the asparagus and agriculture boom in 2008. Most water tables in the Peruvian valley have gone dry or are being reduced by almost 8 meters every year. Why contribute to an additional carbon footprint; resort to seasonal veggies such as snow peas instead of asparagus.


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8 Shellfish

Shellfish should seriously be off all diets from May to August and definitely a food to avoid in summer. Shellfish like oysters, mussels and clams usually spawn in summer and it isn’t a healthy practice to harvest then in such a period. Harvesting shellfish should be done in winters when they have sufficient time to reproduce because if this isn’t followed, then you could well see a significant decline in the population of shellfish in the near future.


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Spawning shellfish if harvested so early, won’t even taste as good and might be bitter. A typical fertile shellfish tastes best in the cold season. While there may be a supply of farmed shellfish in summer, these may most probably be genetically modified produce and may not be good for health.


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