12 Sneaky Foods That Make You Sleepy and 7 That Keep You Up At Night


Candy and gums act as a stimulant due to their high sugar content, so if you want to sleep tight forget about them till morning. Moreover, it isn’t healthy to eat sugars at night not forgetting the dental problems that they are liable to cause.


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High-fat junk food like burgers and sodas are not really sleeping inducers as it takes ages to digest and messes with your sleep too. Processed food and fast foods like fries and fats are the worst things to consume before sleep.


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17Orange Juice

Fruit juices such as lemon or orange juice, has a high acidic quotients which causes heartburns and acid reflux that can be very annoying. So avoid them if you want to sleep peacefully.

Orange Juice

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18Processed or Smoked Meats

If you want to sleep peacefully forget about the deli counter serving your favorite smoked and processed meat as they are full of sodium which will leave you dehydrated at night You may constantly wake up for a glass of water. Moreover, these are not at all healthy to eat as a night time dinner menu anyways. So steer away from it.

Processed or Smoked Meats

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19Spicy Foods

Spicy hot wings, kebabs, tandoori chicken or butter tikka masala taste awesome but makes you regret when you are trying to sleep. God help you if you are prone to acidity or heartburn. So the best way to indulge is to have all the spiciness early on the day so that you can sleep at night without any worries.

Spicy Foods

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