12 Sneaky Foods That Make You Sleepy and 7 That Keep You Up At Night

One can never emphasize enough how sleep is important for every human being. Sleep is part and parcel of the human body’s biological needs and it never compromises on sleep. While you may be sleeping fewer hours than your body requires, you might think it fine bit your body really doesn’t. That irritability you experience sometimes, the fogginess in the morning, poor focus at work and sudden appearance of wrinkles are all effects of poor sleep. There are many factors that impact sleep like food. Here are 12 foods that help you sleep and 7 that don’t. Stick to these late-night bites, and peaceful slumber will be yours. You can probably find many of what is on this list at places similar to Herbal Whole Foods.


1 Foods that help you sleep: Figs

Figs help in boosting the blood flow and muscle contraction which aides in sleeping well. Also, it crushes cravings for all things sweet because it has additional fiber to keep you full. Figs are full of minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron so they are perfect for a good slumber.

Foods that help you sleep

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Watermelon has huge water content in it. In fact, each 2 cup serving is half water. Needless to say it would hydrate you and do away with post-dinner hunger pangs due to its high fiber content.


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3Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium and excellent for a night time treat as it helps your body to relax. So bake it and eat with a little honey and sea salt or nut butter as a treat.

Sweet potatoes

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Pistachios are sleep-inducing bullets or cannonballs…really! It’s laced with protein, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium all of which are great sleep inducers. Just do not go overboard and just limit yourself with 1 ounce every night because more than that can have a contrary effect and make you a night owl.


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Prunes are yet another dried fruit which has a high amount of vitamin 6, Calcium, and magnesium and absorbs melatonin naturally and regulates the sleep. Put the prunes on a whole grain toast and eat them at least 30 minutes before the slumber time.


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