15 Foods That Can Curb Appetite for Those Who Keep Feeling Hungry All the Time

There are many people who feel the need to eat every now and then to curb their insatiable hunger. To be able to just about any and everything without facing the consequence of getting fat has been everyone’s dream. Although there might be a way to go about this, however, it’s not exactly like it sounds. Still, if you think about it, there are many foods that prevent you from putting on weight and even satisfy your hunger.


These foods are both healthy and delicious, so if you intend on satisfying your appetite and want to avoid gaining weight at the same time, eat these foods:

1 Redfish

Redfish has a lot of health benefits as it is full of protein and essential omega-3 fatty acids. This combination of nutrients keeps your hunger satisfied for a longer period of time. By eating redfish on a daily basis can potentially help in reducing the risk of developing heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.


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Avocados contain essential fatty acids and oleic acid which gives a prolonged sense of satiety enabling one to consume lesser calories later. Researches from California conducted an experiment wherein people were made to eat avocados during their lunch. It was revealed that 3 hours later after the meal, these people wanted to eat 40% less. You can have avocados on rye bread too.


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The caffeine content in coffee not only helps in breaking down fats and burning calories but also helps in controlling your appetite. In fact, drinking coffee 30 minutes to even 4 hours before eating can affect your hunger. For weight loss, 2 cups of naturally brewed coffee which is nearly 200 mg of caffeine must be drunk daily. Nevertheless, caffeine is not meant for any and every one. So only consume coffee if you’re sure that caffeine isn’t harmful to your body and that your body can handle the amount.

Type of nutrients coffee contains

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4Chia Seed

Chia seeds are good appetite killers in the sense that they are good water absorbers. When absorbing water it exceeds the seed’s mass by 11-12 times. This way it keeps your stomach full and prevents you from getting hungry.

Chia seeds are great source of antioxidants

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5Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is distinct from other oils since it contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). These affect the body’s metabolism in a positive way, as they are absorbed into the body in a different way. Coconut Oil can get rid of your belly fat since it burns calories and even curbs your appetite. People who consume coconut oil during the day ate 256 kcal less than normal, as shown in a recent study. Still, you need to remember that coconut oil is oil and is not to be used in every meal you prepare. You need only sometimes substitute your regular oils with coconut oil.

Coconut oil Improves Metabolism

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