10 Foods Nutritionists Recommend That You Avoid Like Fire

9Nut milk

Additional aromatizers, sugar and even calories are present in coconut, Brazil nut and Almond milk. Before buying any product, you should familiarize yourself with all of its contents. Buying nut milk from organic shops would be preferable. However, it isn’t that such items are totally unhealthy. However, the processes they undergo and the added preservatives, flavoring and high sugar content make them not worth drinking as a healthy product.


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10Rice cakes

Almost no fat is present in rice cakes and that’s why it is included in many diets. Replacing bread with rice cakes have always been recommended by nutritionists because at least you get varieties if whole grain and multigrain bread which is a much better substitute than rice cakes.


You may also feel hungry after eating rice cakes because they have a high glycemic index. This could result in extra weight gain as the calorie consumption will be higher.

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11Fruit Juices

If you are under the impression that fruit juices are healthy, they certainly are not. This is because there is nothing nutritious about fruit juice because of the huge amount of sugar in it as well as the process to manufacture it. It is much better to consume fresh fruit juice that provides you all of the nutrients present in the fruit but never add sugar as the fruit will also contain natural sugar too.

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12Instant flavored oats and cereals

You may be surprised in wondering why that little packet of oats may be featured on this list. After all, oats are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. The problem once again is not in the oats, it is the method of preparation as well as the added high sodium content that may not be suitable for your health. When you purchase oats, make sure you purchase rolled or steel cut oats of the plain variety that will not contain any sugar or salt.

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