10 Foods Nutritionists Recommend That You Avoid Like Fire

5Dried fruit and fruit chips

People who maintain a healthy diet usually prefer to eat fruit chips but they are also made in the similar method how potato chips are made, and that is by deep frying them in oil. Thus, the numbers of calories present in potato as well as fruits or vegetable chips are the same.


Before these chips are dried, they undergo many chemical processes which make the chips taste and look nice. The shelf life of this product is also increased by this method by at-least 3 times. Obviously, these fruits and vegetables will lose their nutritional properties after undergoing so many processes.

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Given the fact that grapes do contain a very healthy product called resveratrol, for diabetics and those at risk of diabetes or high blood sugar, grapes should be avoided. We can eat a whole bunch of grapes because of its sweetness but it will give our body a huge sugar spike in an instant.

According to nutritionist, grapes should be added to different products depending upon their nutrition. You should avoid eating them with beer, melons, milk, fish, greasy dishes and also fresh cucumbers.


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7Wrongly cooked fish

Fish contain useful fats like omega 3 fatty acids and hardly contains any harmful fats. A study was conducted by the University of Hawaii on the chemical structure of the famous popular dishes and it was concluded that the best way to save the nutrition of the fish is to bake or boil it. It has been claimed by American cardiologists that it can be really harmful to consume smoked, salty and fried fish.


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Many different examinations have been concluded on modified corn and it has been concluded that aquatic and terrestrial organisms are affected by it. Modified corn contains pollen which contains substances harmful for the body. This type of corn is banned in many countries. Even canned corn and other canned products are not recommended to be eaten. To save all of its nutritional elements, you should boil or bake it.


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