10 Foods Nutritionists Recommend That You Avoid Like Fire

Modern nutritionists would suggest you to exercise and eat healthy food rather than torturing yourself with strict diets. More often than not, we tend to get swayed by the tons of advice on the internet to eat things that may cost us a lot but not really helpful in terms of health and weight loss. Wrong advice and heavy marketing has led many of us to fall prey to such diets. However, there are genuine lists and tables of food products based on their nutritional values that have been made by experts. There are actually much more products which are banned apart from fried foods, white bread, soda and sweets. This article will let you know how harmful can some of these products be.


1Sweet yogurts

Only dairy products which are not sweet are actually nutritious and safe to eat. Yogurt may be very healthy for our body, but we should eat it without any fruit additives or sugar. You can consider sweet yogurt as a dessert rather than a healthy dairy product. Avoiding Dairy products consisting of additional starch and thickeners is also recommended by nutritionists. You can choose to add vanilla extract, spices and even fresh berries to the natural yogurt since natural sugars are a better option.

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Rice is considered to be like bread and high on the glycemic index. White rice gives very less nutritional benefits just like white bread and contributes to weight gain because it contains a large amount of simple carbohydrates. Instead of white rice, if you prefer eating rice now and then, it would be better to try the brown variety. Nutritionists also recommend multi or whole grain breads of high quality can only be beneficial for you.

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It can be harmful to add parsley to your food. If you are an inexperienced cook, you should avoid adding parsley to your salad if it contains oil, mayonnaise or sour creams as the nitrites present in them may start releasing into the food and make it toxic within 30 minutes. Nutritionist recommends that parsley should only be added to your food just before serving so that all its useful elements are present in them.

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You must have surely noticed the difference between store-bought ketchup in comparison to homemade tomato paste. This rule also applies to mustard, tartar, and mayonnaise. The reality is that sugar is present in all sauces available in stores. It is better to grind the tomatoes yourself and add linseed or olive oil along with spices, rather than buying from a store. In this way, you have control on how much sugar to add to your sauce as well as making it more flavorful.

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