10 Foods Most of Us Have Been Eating Wrong All Our Lives

Food is something that will never go out of fashion. As man evolves, more and more unique recipes will keep appearing and different innovative ways to eat food will also surface. Food technology and cooking products as well contribute to manipulating different food ingredients to a point of being able to eat them in different ways unheard of before. But that being said, there are some foods best enjoyed conventionally but many don’t know how to do so. Here are 10 life tips and hack to make sure you’re eating your favorite foods the right way.


1 Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are quite like regular tomatoes and originate from the same genus and family but much smaller, and sweeter. Looking like cherries, these make a great accompaniment to salads. You could simply pop them into your mouth and eat them seasoned with a bit of salt and herbs. According to the NHS, it is safe to eat one portion of cherry tomatoes that would include 7 of them. The best way to eat a cherry tomato is to squeeze the tomato lightly between the two plates and then using a sharp knife, slice it down. You can use the same technique with grapes.

Cherry tomatoes

Image Source: osegredo.com.br



Did you know that kiwifruit is also known as the Chinese gooseberry and is the edible fruit of several woody vines in the genus called Actinidia? Kiwifruits are extremely healthy to eat being packed with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and also feature a low glycemic index. They are full of vitamin C and help improve vitality and decrease sluggishness. The high potassium content helps regulate blood pressure and restores energy.

Do not peel the kiwifruit with a knife. Just cut it in half, and scoop it out with a spoon as if from a bowl.


Image Source: brightside.me


Tangerines are a kind of orange which are actually a hybrid of the mandarin orange. The name tangerine was named after their area of origin that was Tangier in Morocco. Tangerines are a powerhouse of nutrients and good for the skin because of their vitamin C content. Because they are gluten-free and highly alkaline, they are a good detoxication agent for the body.


When cutting a tangerine, just slice off both ends, then slice the skin down the middle on one side. Simply pull them apart like an accordion.


Image Source: pckolog.com


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