15 Foods That Eliminate Intestinal Worms Naturally


Since cayenne pepper has antifungal properties, therefore, it has the ability to kill all sorts of fungus, moulds or parasites which might threaten our intestines. Moreover, it increases blood circulation and brings a glow to the skin. Do not consume cayenne pepper of you suffer from gastric problems.


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12Green Hulls of Black Walnut

Green hulls of black walnut contain Tannin and juglandin which is deadly for all sorts of parasites inside our body. They simply oxygenate the blood and kill all the toxic organisms within.

Green Hulls of Black Walnut

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13Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are powerful natural deterrents for successful germination and penetration of any sorts of toxic parasites in the human body which is a host for many dangerous bacteria, worms and fungi.

Sunflower seeds

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14Coconut and onions

Coconuts and onions are both laced with compounds called flavonoids which reduces or kills parasites. Coconut especially is extremely effective against intestinal parasites. You need to consume the flesh of hardened coconuts for it to be effective. Coconut is especially effective in pinworms.

Coconut and onions

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15Fermented foods

Any array of fermented food is full of probiotics, which are great at getting rid of toxins in our gut and replaces them with good bacteria. These items include grass-fed dairy items, kimchi the Korean favorite salad, sauerkraut the German favorite staple and any other fermented vegetable which also have the added benefit of fiber-rich components too. Where children are concerned, consult a doctor before giving a child any of these ingredients.

Fermented foods

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