10 Foods we all have been eating the wrong way till now

Food is fuel for the human body, which keeps it nourished and going. Frankly, we really don’t know anybody who doesn’t like eating. And while, we all love to eat, not all of us eat the food items in the correct manner. True, everybody has their own style; but what if, we tell you that some things can be eaten way too easily and quickly if we know about certain hacks. Yes, you read it correctly, there are actually tips and tricks with which, you can eat certain foods with so much ease, that you would be forced to think, why didn’t I know about these hacks earlier.


Well, fret not, as we have for you these amazing hacks. Read them, save them in your minds or anywhere really, and just apply these, the next you eat these foods and you can thank us later.

1 Kiwi

Instead of wasting time and efforts in peeling the fruit, a better idea would be to squeeze the fruit gently, so as to allow the pulp to be spooned out easily, without needing to peel it.


Image Source: www.livestrongcdn.com

2 Ice-Cream

When the ice-cream is hard and a scooper is not of much help, it is better to cut it with the help of a knife. The pieces come out even and neater and obviously you save a lot of time.


Image Source: www.kinja-img.com

3 Noodles

Take a fork and twirl some noodles in circles around it. This ensures a limited quantity, ready to be put into your mouth without falling off the fork.


Image Source: www.blogspot.com

4 Cupcake with Frosting

The right way to eat a cupcake is to remove the bottom layer and place it upside down on the frosting, just like a sandwich.

Cupcake with Frosting

Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com

5 Banana

Find the end of the banana opposite the stem and pinch the tip off. Peel it and eat it.


Image Source: www.wordpress.com

6 Cooking Eggs keeping the Yolk intact

Crack the egg into a bowl. Dice capsicum rings and de-seed the middle part, keeping it empty. Heat a skillet and smear it with a little oil. Now, place the capsicum rings on the skillet and pour the egg gently in the middle. Let it cook on slow flame and your dish is ready to eat. No mess, no fuss.

Cooking Eggs

Image Source: www.diply.com

7 Crispy French Toast

To make the French toast crispier, roll the French toast in toasted cereal flakes on both sides. Enjoy.

Crispy French Toast

Image Source: www.media-allrecipes.com

8 Dunking Oreos

Why to spoil your hands, when you can easily hold your Oreos with forks. Just insert the fork lightly into the creamy layer and Voila, no more milky hands!

Dunking Oreos

Image Source: www.wonderhowto.com


9 Popsicle eating made easy

Don’t you think this should have been taught to us when we were young? Just place a paper cupcake holder under the Popsicle and you are done. Now that you know about this trick, your Popsicle will no longer melt in your hands or anywhere.

Popsicle eating made easy

Image Source: www.diply.com

10 The correct way to eat Toblerone

Well, now you know, we all have been eating Toblerone, the wrong way, all our lives. Basically, we have to lightly push our thumb against the top of the triangle segment of the chocolate, and not the other way round. It really is so simple that it hurts to feel that we didn’t know about this earlier.

The correct way to eat Toblenore

Image Source: www.scoopwhoop.com

It is not what we eat, rather how we eat it that makes the food look appetizing. Simple tricks can go a long way in making you a good foodie, who enjoys food smartly, without being messy. So master the above-mentioned tips and tricks and impress your family and friends.


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