10 Foods we all have been eating the wrong way till now

Food is fuel for the human body, which keeps it nourished and going. Frankly, we really don’t know anybody who doesn’t like eating. And while, we all love to eat, not all of us eat the food items in the correct manner. True, everybody has their own style; but what if, we tell you that some things can be eaten way too easily and quickly if we know about certain hacks. Yes, you read it correctly, there are actually tips and tricks with which, you can eat certain foods with so much ease, that you would be forced to think, why didn’t I know about these hacks earlier.

Well, fret not, as we have for you these amazing hacks. Read them, save them in your minds or anywhere really, and just apply these, the next you eat these foods and you can thank us later.

1 Kiwi

Instead of wasting time and efforts in peeling the fruit, a better idea would be to squeeze the fruit gently, so as to allow the pulp to be spooned out easily, without needing to peel it.


Image Source: www.livestrongcdn.com


2 Ice-Cream

When the ice-cream is hard and a scooper is not of much help, it is better to cut it with the help of a knife. The pieces come out even and neater and obviously you save a lot of time.


Image Source: www.kinja-img.com

3 Noodles

Take a fork and twirl some noodles in circles around it. This ensures a limited quantity, ready to be put into your mouth without falling off the fork.


Image Source: www.blogspot.com

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