15 Foods and Drinks That Can Help You Get Rid Of Water Retention

When excess fluids start building up inside your body instead of being flushed out, it is known as a condition called water retention or edema. Water retention in most cases is not a serious condition, but it can still happen for several reasons. Even women experience water retention sometimes before their monthly period or during pregnancy.


As to how you can prevent this condition or get rid of any mild swelling once it happens simply incorporate these 15 foods and drinks to prevent water retention into your diet. However, make sure that the swelling was not caused by any underlying serious health conditions first. Being natural diuretics these 15 foods and drinks can get rid of water retention in no time:

1 Cucumber

The nutrients contained in cucumbers along with its high water content help flushing out uric acid from the kidneys. Cucumbers are also known to contain caffeic acid which is very effective in removing excess fluid from the body. For those who are striving to lose weight, cucumbers are the perfect option as they are low in calories making them a good snacking option.

Cucumber for water retention

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Cranberries have a high vitamin C and antioxidant content. These nutrients can effectively remove all the excess fluids from the body. These even prevent the cells from getting damaged by free radicals and toxins which are produced by your body during the metabolizing process.

Cranberries to reduce water retention

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Watermelons are simply great for keeping you hydrated as they consist of 92% water. The vitamins and minerals contained in watermelons have diuretic properties which flush out all the toxins and excess fluids from the body. Watermelon can either be eaten or you can even choose to extract its juice and drink making it one of the best foods and drinks to prevent water retention.

Watermelon for water retention

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A compound called coumarin present in celery helps in cleansing the body from impurities and any excess fluids by excreting all of it out in the form of urine. So, it does play a role in the formation of unwanted of water or urine. This compound also aids digestion and can help in preventing blood pressure.


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Ginger is known to have a wide range of health benefits which is why it is a common ingredient used in various natural remedies. It has very strong diuretic properties which not only remove excess fluid from the body but also clears out harmful toxins as well. It even helps in improving digestion. Ginger can be added to your meals or to your teas.

Ginger for water retention

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