15 Food You Won’t Be Able To Eat In Future Due To Climate Change

6Orchard fruits

Orchard fruits like apples, oranges, and peaches are representative of summer and spring. We might have to find alternatives soon. They require cooler temperatures to thrive. Heat can cause the fruits to be sunburnt. There will a steady decline in the quantity and the quality of the fruits will also be inferior.

Future of Orchard fruits

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Stone fruits such as cherries require an optimum number of cold days and nights to successfully bear fruit. Due to rising temperatures, pollination will be unsuccessful. Trees will flower later and fruits will be few. In 2012, 90 percent of the tart cherry crop was lost after a late freeze in Michigan and the cherry industry suffered.

Girls hands dress holding cardboard box of cherries, close-up

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8Wine grapes

One of the most treasured and precious fruits are wine grapes. Temperatures determine their flavors and that determines what the final wine will taste like. Higher temperatures can seriously alter the taste. Australia, North America, South America, and Europe are the major producers but will have to start looking for new spots to grow wine grapes. Australia and California will lose almost 70 percent of the land they grow wine grapes on now, by 2050.

Wine grapes

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Rice is facing several different kinds of threats. Crop production is facing decline. Apart from that, due to the rising levels of carbon dioxide, rice can become less nutritious and can also cause health problems. Almost the entire population of Asia depends on rice as their staple food. They will have to look for alternatives.


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Water shortages and warmer temperatures mean lower yield of corn. A 1 degree Celsius rise in temperature reduces corn yield by 7 percent. Corn is not just for human consumption. The truly devastating effect would be on livestock, who survive on corn. This would affect meat prices and availability.


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