15 Food You Won’t Be Able To Eat In Future Due To Climate Change

Humans are great at adapting to a changing climate isn’t a serious issue for us. When we say changing climate we’re talking about climate change that is taking place on our planet as we speak. Plants and good grains cannot adapt to a changing climate that easily.

This is why if you do not solve the changing climate issue we may end up losing some of our favorite foods in the near future. This is impacting our race as well as other animals all across the globe. Researchers have said that if our climate change isn’t fixed or slowed down we may lose many of our favorite foods very soon or their prices will be very expensive.


This ancient soothing and healing drink will soon be extinct. Tea is extremely sensitive to temperature and rainfall. However, as weather patterns are getting more and more unpredictable, tea production will reduce. It will also be more vulnerable to insects and the quality of the leaves will also be inferior.

Tea future

Image Source: viettimes.vn



Imagine waking up and not having your morning cup of coffee. This will soon be a reality. Higher temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns have made coffee plantations more vulnerable to the coffee rust fungus and have reduced yield. A drought in Brazil last year caused the prices to skyrocket. Latin America may soon lose out to Asia as the dominant coffee-producer.

Future of coffee

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Honeybees are officially an endangered species. Global warming and climate change are the chief reasons for this. Rising levels of CO2 reduce the protein in pollen which is the food source of bees. They will die out due to lack of nourishment. They are the sole producers of honey and when they cease to exist, so will honey.

Future of Honey

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It may seem unbearable to live without chocolate but be ready to. CIAT reported that temperatures are rising by almost 2° degree Celsius by 2050 in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, the main producers of cacao beans. This will result in higher rates of ‘evapotranspiration’, meaning the trees will lose water faster to the air. This will reduce yield.

Future of Chocolate

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Almost every country n the world consumes beer. Beer is made of barley. However, the preset patterns of extreme heat and droughts reduce barley yields by almost 3 to 17 percent! As the supply reduces, the prices will rise further. It will no longer be cheap and affordable.

Future of Beer

Image Source: viettimes.vn


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