9 Confessions from food industry professionals that will make you rethink about eating out again

Food and restaurant industry is probably the only industry that actually treats their customers like kings. You can order anything off the menu and if you are polite and nice, you can also get some great service. But every now and then, the people who work in this industry like waiters, waitresses and host, hostesses, who have been working in the industry for years, come up with confessions and stories that will make you wonder about the happenings in the kitchen and the back area of the hotels and restaurants. Here are 9 such confessions from people who worked in the food industry. Bon appetite!

1 Even they have a world of fantasy

Every waiter who works in the food industry sees beautiful women come and go inside the establishment and eventually since most of the waiters are college students, who are looking to pay for the college or earn some extra money, their romantic bone in the body starts to pulsate and all the fantasies of every Hollywood rom com ever start to get alive. But alas, this the real life and something like that doesn’t happen in real life, only in movies.

Even they have a world of fantasy

Image Source: www.thetoc.gr

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