Why rely on meat when you can have these 10 best sources of vegetarian protein

Just because you’re a vegetarian or a vegan doesn’t mean you’re going to struggle to meet your daily intake of protein. Contrary to belief, there are as many vegetarian sources of protein, just as good as animal protein. According to dietary recommendations of the USDA, women require only 45 grams of protein and men 56 grams per day. You may need much more only if you’re pregnant or a nursing mom or if you’re an athlete. It isn’t a tough prospect acquiring vegetable protein and you won’t have to look very far for ingredients that are commonly used at home or sold in stores close to you. Here are 10 best sources of vegetarian protein.

1 Spirulina

It’s unbelievable that this super charged plant based protein is considered almost 71 percent pure protein in comparison to animal protein like beef which is only 22 percent. Spirulina contains a powerful mix of antioxidants and essential amino acids and the best part, you need just two spoons a day.

Spirulina contains 71 percent protein

Image Source: www.authoritynutrition.com

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