15 Best Cooking Movies That Will Make You Hungry and Drool


Here is another movie which celebrates cooking and food as a form of art or maybe even a way for redemption. Bradley Cooper is a cooking genius who is just out of a rehab and still fighting his addiction, he is nasty, crude and a bully even to his love interest sienna miller and all he wants to get his footing back as the top-notch restaurateur again as soon as possible. It’s during this process he realizes cooking is not just about competition but also healing one’s self. Yet again the plated masterpieces are the actual star of the show.


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12Mystic Pizza

Well, this movie is Pizza bonanza with great messages of love, loyalty, sisterhood and love. Julia Roberts is a waitress in this small but amazing pizzeria in Mystic, Connecticut. Her owner/mentor Leona has this secret pizza sauce recipe which makes the pizza dough additive. But they are struggling to make ends meet so in order to boost publicity they decide to invite a renowned television food critic who gives them a big thumb up. But the camera shots of piping hot pizzas from the oven in every scene is an assault to our patience and restraint to watch the movie rather than running and ordering pizza for oneself too.

Mystic Pizza

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Well never succumb to peer pressure and always follow your instinct. This is what Carl Casper does not do under his restaurant’s bosses’ pressure and gets a scathing comment from a food critic caustic altercation with the boss and ruins his chances to keep his job. This where the family and friend jump in and they refurbish a beat-up food truck in which he would cook and feed people his masterpieces all across the states and along the way learns the value of family, friendship and never to compromise on one’s dreams. This movie really makes you feel for the protagonist and root them through their struggles and cheer at all their tasty victories.


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14Because I Said So

This cooking or baking movie to be precise makes you salivate and this mother-daughter story makes you teary-eyed all in the same movie. Diane Keaton plays an adorable but nagging mom who is dead worried about her cute daughter Mandy Moore who is single. Apart from their usual riff-raff, they come up with some breathtaking cakes and pastries as well as soufflés out of their ovens, which binds their relation and brings new ones in their lives too.

Because I Said So

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15Big Night

This is one movie that was loved by critics which was a sort of serenade to Italian cooking. Tony Shaloub and Stanley Tucci are rival brothers who try their best to keep their restaurant running. They make a huge effort in trying to create the best possible experience for a famed singer who is supposed to make an appearance one night. Although the guest does not turn up, the culinary experience itself makes the movie worthwhile and is a perfect celebration of Italian cuisine.

Big Night

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