15 Best Cooking Movies That Will Make You Hungry and Drool

6The Hundred-Foot Journey

This is the finest example of food-based comedy and drama in recent storytelling. An Indian family finds a refuge in tiny, picturesque French village and soon plan to start over their food business as they had way back in India. But here is a huge completion in the Name of Helen Mirren who has a Michelin starred bistro right next door. Needless to say hilarious competition fights and arguments and funny sabotage plans ensue. But when French vandals destroy their new startup Mirren softens her stance, not to speak of the star chefs of Om Puri and Mirren are falling in love does not make it easy either. This movie combines, recipes, cultures and teaches the international community about acceptance.

The Hundred-Foot Journey

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7Like Water for Chocolate

Well, this magic cum gourmet movie is a strange love story of a cook. It’s about a Mexican who is a “gifted” chef as her own emotions while cooking effects those who eat her food too. She belongs to lower strata of society and is kept away from her love but her powerful and magical delicacies break that social divide to bring them together eventually.

Like Water for Chocolate

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8Pieces of April

Well preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for an extended and critical family makes it a nightmare for Patricia Clarkson who is finally helped by her teenage daughter Katie Holmes with her limited cooking skills and broken oven in the kitchen. As if this was not a crisis enough the coming out of the fact of mom’s cancer makes it even tougher to hold on but the, in the end, good food, better intentions, family and friends to love and care to prove that food can pull you through any situations, no matter how bleak.

Pieces of April

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9Soul Food

Well as the name suggests we are in for tasty African American dishes in the movie surrounded by loving and lively family members who are all hiding a pain behind their apparent cheerfulness, it’s the matriarch‘s illness. Macaroni and cheese fried chicken, potato salad and biscuits act as a salve on the pain everyone feels inside. Acting as sisters who create magic on a table are Vanessa Williams, Nia Long, and Vivica A. Fox. This movie is really for the soulful people out there.

Soul Food

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10Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

This Gene Wilder masterpiece is so iconic that hundreds of remakes of this movie and stage renditions have been made and are made still being made and watched which is all about a whimsical chocolate factory owner Willy Wonka! This magical movie is not so much about the actual food but the imaginations which runs wild throughout like how to make a Gobstopper everlasting or turning a kid into a blueberry etc. You make the journey on a cholate river with golden eggs and edible teacups surrounding you. No wonder you would be rushing to your nearest candy store after or while watching the movie itself!

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

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