15 Best Cooking Movies That Will Make You Hungry and Drool

There are movies for Action buffs, horror fans, millions of romantic comedies and even historical and period drama but there are a niche of people who are greatly interested in gourmet movies. Here are movies with plots that revolve around food and gastronomy and make no mistake these are some of the highly critically acclaimed movies of the world and while watching them makes you want to eat a hell lot more. Some are really exotic in nature like the 100-foot journey. Here are 15 great food movies which would reignite your passion for cooking and eating like never before.


1 Julie and Julia

Julia Child was a cooking legend played marvelously by Meryl Streep. Child was a brilliant chef as well a cookbook writer who is followed and read even today. She is the muse for a modern 21st-century blogger Julie who also has a gift for cooking, played spot on by talented and cute Amy Adams who struggles and replicates Child’s recipes in her own way and blogs about it and get famous as well. This movie would make you drool the whole time.

Julie and Julia

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Don’t be fooled by its animated look, this movie is no cartoon movie for kids but a highly emotional and engaging movie for grownups with mature sentiments and ambitions. This is Disney’s tribute to the great institution of French culinary art and somehow makes its relatable to all. The chief protagonist is Remy a gifted rodent who wants to be an acclaimed chef and he recruits a bovine garbage boy Alfredo Linguini with the same dreams. They had their fair struggles with pest control, selfish restaurant owners and a dreaded food critic who can make or break careers by his reviews, but the emotional ending makes the duo super hit and marks the beginning of an independent bistro “La Ratatouille” a must watch for everyone.


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3No Reservations

Well if not anything else watch this movie for the gorgeous upshots of the gorgeous food plating and presentation of food which makes it look like an artwork. Two warring chefs Katharine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart are bound together to work as Katherine needs help after a family tragedy. Their talents become a bone of contention and jalousies and clashes in the kitchen but love wins at last. Watch it for its romantic dash of salt in the pot of tasty dish.

No Reservations

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This is a French masterpiece despite having a gastronomical culture and innumerable movies made dedicated to food. Juliet Binoche is the owner of a magical La Chocolaterie. Johnny Depp is a gypsy ready to woo Maya Binoche” off her feet with his deadly charm. The villainous mayor Alfred Molina also is finally wooed over by the tasty and magical chocolates in a chocolate celebration, but the star of the movie is the camera work and the screenshots of all the mouthwatering delectable chocolaty delights presented in the movie which really steals the show.


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This one is a legend as this motion picture made is too big that it had its own rendition on a Broadway stage. The movie literally shows the power of food and passion for cooking cam really uplift anyone from a drudgery of their lives. Keri Russell is a victim of a nasty marriage and feels trapped as she is pregnant and seems like she has no way out till she bakes her path-breaking pies which makes her a mini-celebrity and gives her the power to break all the social shackles and be on her own. But the apart from Keri the pies named “Bad Boy” and “Marshmallow mermaid” are characters in itself! At last, she also finds love in Nathan Fillion a handsome doctor. It’s a women liberation movie all the way.


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