8 Most uncommon ways to have a dining experience

Eating out is one way to have a great time with family. It is also the most common activity new people engage in while going on dates. And with the rise of technology, every business has the opportunity to create different experiences for the customers. In an industry like this, being able to set yourself apart from the rest is advantageous. To find out more, check out a site like https://restaurantpossystems.com/ncr-silver-review/. As customers should be businesses’ main priority, this will make all the difference. It can be also an indicator for women to judge a man on where they take them to dinner and how much they spend on their date.


Some restaurants have some sentimental value for a family. Like a place where your husband proposed to you, where you had your first date or a place you frequented during your childhood for that one dish you loved. Also the restaurant business has changed over the years. From just serving good food, they have realised that they also need to provide a wholesome dining experience including the ambience and décor.

If you are a fan of having different kinds of dining experiences, you need to check out the following places as they offer something that not many places can even think to offer.


1 Hajime

Hajime is a restaurant located in Bangkok, Thailand. The speciality of this hotel is that you will feel like being in a sci-fi futuristic setting since the hotel staff is made up of robots.

Your orders are taken by an automated system and the food is delivered by the robots. Apart from serving the food, the robots also provide entertainment to the guests in the form of song and dance sequences. The main cuisine served by the hotel is Japanese.


Lapassarad Thanaphant, the owner of Hajime, put in nearly $1 million dollars in the eatery, and she did that so that she could purchase 4 robots in order to serve food to the eatery patrons.


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2 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

If you have ever had an itch to eat under water or with the fishes, just visit the Ithaa undersea restaurant.

Incidentally the underwater hotel serves seafood that has to be the freshest that you can get anywhere.


Depending on the tides of water, you could be dining somewhere between three and six feet below sea level when you visit Ithaa. Since the restaurant is around two tons in weight, you don’t even have to worry about floating in the sea.

Robocoach is designed to be an exercise motivator

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3 Le Refuge des Fondus

Located in France, Le Refuge des Fondus serves beverages in baby bottles and that is perhaps the main reason for its massive popularity.

The restaurant is situated in the Montmarte area of France, which is always buzzing with tourists and hence has become of the go-to spots for tourists visiting the area. The reason behind Le Refuge des Fondus serving beverages in baby bottles was originally to avoid the taxes that are levied on serving wine in wine glasses. Apparently, the practise caught on with the tourists and locals and since then, the restaurant has made this their trademark.


With the quality liquor in baby bottles, diners can also enjoy some delicious fondue made from either cheese or beef.

Singapore introduces Robocoach to keep older citizens in shape

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4 Lainio snow village

This ice restaurant located in Finland is a well-known hotel that is completely made out of ice. The restaurant is situated near the Arctic Circle, and that helps in keeping the furniture intact and solid since the chairs and tables are fully made out of ice.

The structure of the restaurant is also made out of ice. Lainio Snow Village is known for serving dishes like reindeer and cream of potato soup with salmon that has been cold-smoked. All the food served int h hotel is locally sourced and hence the dishes mostly include fish and local game.

Lainio snow village

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5 Eating food up in the sky

Another unique way to have your meal is 150 feet up in the air. Yes, if you are not afraid of heights and can afford $40,000 dinner, you and 21 of your friends can enjoy this once in a lifetime experience at Dinner in the Sky.

The dishes served to the diners are some of the most expensive and exclusive dishes like foie gras, some top level champagne and choice of other vegetables and meats. Do remember to buckle in before taking off in the air for the meal of a lifetime.

Eating food up in the sky

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6 Modern toilet

In the weirdest of weird themes, this restaurant has chosen a toilet theme for their diners. The hotel is situated in Taipei, Taiwan and has the décor and motif set to resemble the toilet in your house.

The chairs are replaced by actual toilet seats and thankfully they are not connected to any plumbing. The food is served in toilet shaped bowls and plates and the dessert served are in form of a poop. No joking, but this theme is highly popular with the tourists and locals. The staff also provides a comfy pillow to support your back on the toilet seat.

Modern toilet

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7 Alcatraz E.R.

Again why do people love bizarre places for eating foods? A hotel in Tokyo, Japan has modelled itself on the design of the Alcatraz prison in US.

The diners get an accurate idea of what it feels to at in a prison setting. They are handcuffed upon arrival and are taken to their eating areas which are designed as prison cells. Even the wait staff dresses as staff of medical prison and the beverage is served in blood transfusion containers.

Since the place is quite popular, it seems like diners enjoy everything unique and bizarre.

Alcatraz E.R.

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8 Ninja New York

Yeah your childhood dream has come true and you can enjoy your meals served by a ninja in this hotel.

Ninja New York is designed to resemble an old castle like the ones seen in Japanese movies and the waiters also dress like ninjas. What is more impressive is that all the waiters are trained acrobats and perform for the diners after taking their orders.


The most popular dish of the Ninja New York is the teriyaki-marinated steak that costs $50. The hotel also offers s drink known as the “smoking” fruit, seasoned with Pina Colada and vanilla ice cream that seems to “vanish” in a puddle of pineapple and coconut. The restaurant is a must visit on your lists if you ever visit the New York area.

Ninja New York

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