5 Cool and creative lunch arts


Moms you have a hard time getting your kids to eat those vegetables? You have someone that cringes at the sandwiches you make for them everyday? Try some of these excellent and yet creative, healthy choices to put that extra spice in your youngster’s nutritional meal.

1 Kitty Kat and The Sunny Side Up Eggs

Anne Widya puts extra effort when making breakfast for her four children. This mom has all kinds of unique creations when she prepares her meals. Check it out. Here you have a cute Kitty Cat holding an umbrella. The way her meals are deliciously outlined and made it would add a cheerful start to any child’s day. Widya even has her own blog with followers. She shares how to create these original recipes to get your stubborn youngster to eat those essential food groups. What a unique yet impressive way to get your child to eat. Who said cooking and preparing meals had to be a chore? Add some fun into the preparation and check out Widya’s blog.

Kitty Kat and The Sunny Side Up Eggs

Image Source: www.oddee.com


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