10 Fast Food Restaurant Secrets The Staff Will Never Reveal To You

3 Sugar in a milkshake exceeds the daily dietary requirement by 2-3 times


Everyone loves a milkshake in fast food cafes but did you know that by consuming a milkshake in such places you are consuming over and above your daily dietary requirement of sugar which is 1-2 oz. A milkshake contains 3 oz of sugar.

Sugar in a milkshake

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2 Eating with hands makes food seem more delicious

Among fast food restaurant tricks this is really clever. There are no forks and knives in fast food restaurants because of the possible reason that eating with bare hands gives a person more pleasure where the process of eating is concerned and increases the taste of food. This means a customer may just eat more than he normally would.

Eating food with hands

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1 Soda fountains are extremely dirty

Most soda fountains in fast food joints are very difficult to clean or wash. This means they are susceptible to germs and all kinds of bacteria. The sugary and sweet environment especially gives bacteria favorable conditions to thrive.


Soda fountains are extremely dirty

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