10 Fast Food Restaurant Secrets The Staff Will Never Reveal To You

Fast food today governs a major part of an adult’s diet. Rigid work schedules and a fast paced lifestyle has made fast food the dietary choice because of easy availability and short preparation time. However, fast food is never a healthy option where nutrition is concerned and with that in mind here are some fast food restaurant tricks employed to lure eager customers.

10 The best time for fast food

The busy hours are generally regarded as the best time to visit a fast food restaurant or café. Between 11.00 am and 1.00 pm and again between 6.00pm to 8.00 pm are the hours where one isn’t likely to get a table but you can be assured that the food is being served fresh.

The best time for fast food

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9 Order French fries without salt

After a batch of French fries is cooked, salt is already added. To cater to your order of French fries without salt, the kitchen would have to make a new batch for you.

Order French fries without salt

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8 The smell from the kitchen is actually a marketing strategy

Don’t you get a very tempting whiff and aroma when passing a fast food restaurant? Even passing a bakery, you most certainly will get an amazing scent of baked goodies that are just impossible to resist. Well, this is an important part of marketing strategy to lure customers. Some restaurants intentionally leave their kitchen doors open.

 The smell from the kitchen

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7 Coke stimulates the appetite; hence it is cheaper than tea

No restaurant would want to curb your appetite and risk losing a good order of food from you. This is one of the restaurant fast food tricks to make tea costlier than coke because tea curbs your appetite while carbon dioxide stimulates it.

Coke stimulates the appetite

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