You must be a genius to solve these 25 Secret messages

Humans are the most intelligent beings on this planet. Our level of understanding things and creating puzzles is an astonishing ability credited to the highly evolved functioning of the human brain.

There have been men and women of extremely high intelligence in the history of mankind. The highest recorded and verified IQ is close to 210, whereas some figures in history have had their IQ calculated at close to 300. Albert Einstein (190), Stephen Hawking (170), Judith Polgar (170), Gary Kasporov (194) and Leonardo da Vinci (170-190) are some of the human beings in mankind’s history to have recorded some of the highest IQs ever recorded. These minds have solved some of the most difficult problems and puzzles in the human history.

Despite this there have being some mysteries and puzzles that still remain unsolved. Some of the mysteries have not being solved due to lack of information about them, while some have been created as a challenge to others with monetary incentive involved.

Here are 25 such puzzles and mysteries that are still waiting to be solved.


25 Navajo Code Talkers

The allied forces during the Second World War used native Navajo talkers in order to code messages in the hard to learn Navajo language. The allied forces further complicated the messages by using code words in the Navajo coded messages, making it extremely difficult for even the native Navajo speakers to read and decode it.

The codes remain unbroken and were a very valuable reason for Allied forces’ victory.

Navajo Code Talkers

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