25 X Rated But Hilarious Photographs Actually Innocent and Not What They Seem

16 The sign says Bona!! So what!

sign says Bona

Image Source: www.pleated-jeans.com

17 Now that’s a rare shot you don’t see every day

rare shot

Image Source: www.kym-cdn.com

18 Those are trees

And they have been made that way, what exactly is going on in that mind of yours, did you see something else??

Those are trees

Image Source: www.dipbuz.com

19 Refreshing when it’s hot

We meant the coke actually because that’s what the guy is buying from that counter. And, the girl on the commercial poster is also drinking coke too, you just can’t see it.

buying from that counter

Image Source: www.noonecares.me

20 Pigs!!! Those are pigs

Yes, that is a group of pigs and they seem to be bundled up enjoying their food, so leave those poor pigs alone and clean up your mind.

 Those are pigs

Image Source: www.noonecares.me

21 No she isn’t nude

That’s just the arm of the lady in front obscuring the woman at the back. Fine we admit, it isn’t your fault if the photo implies something else.

something else.

Image Source: www.noonecares.me

22 What the heck is that?

You couldn’t’ help seeing what you just did could you?? It’s all in the photographs actually, they are accidentally genius and meant for those with naughty minds actually.

What the heck is that

Image Source: www.informativa.ba

23 Blame the photo right!

When the photo is so blatant about it, how can your mid help it right!! This is a weird shot and it seems that neither of the two remotely suspect what they are about to see when it was published.

Blame the photo right

Image Source: www.noonecares.me

24 She seems to be enjoying her day right

And no she isn’t peeing in the water as that would have been quite a feat to shoot a stream that high. A nice photograph though as it makes a comical memory.

seems to be enjoying her day right

Image Source: www.meowgag.com


25 Westminter Bridge

Among X rated photos actually innocent, this is truly funny. One wonders if the architect had any idea what would happen when the shadows come into play. Guess this is a laugh riot for all tourists noticing it.

Westminter Bridge

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk


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