25 X Rated But Hilarious Photographs Actually Innocent and Not What They Seem

8 That’s a tiny bicycle seat

Isnt it?? Or what did you think? She’s too cute to have one now isn’t she? So stop thinking something gross. It’s just the bicycle seat and it happens to be a tiny one.

tiny bicycle seat

Image Source: www.ircimg.net

9 What did you see first? The shadow or the woman?

Seriously!! Stop looking at the shadow trying to figure out how it resembles what’s going on in your mind right now. The woman is much nicer to look at.

The shadow or the woman

Image Source: www.tistory.com


10 No he isn’t spilling fire across the world

It’s just a geographical map, cmon; can’t the weatherman read a report without anyone thinking something weird??

spilling fire across the world

Image Source: www.viralthread.com

11 This designer is going straight to hell

Imagine designing a children’s slide in such a weird fashion, you won’t be blamed for this one as the design is so obvious to any mind.

designer is going straight to hell

Image Source: www.kebuena.com.mx

12 Someone’s getting fired

This is what happens when you don’t proof read your sign. She got at least 50% of viewers thinking she did the aviation expert. Yes!! We know it’s just her name.

Someone’s getting fired

Image Source: www.pleated-jeans.com

13 Its bath time

And no those aren’t what you think, those are her elbows but it sure does look a bit shiny and all. Trust a photograph to mess up people’s minds.

Its bath time

Image Source: WWW.cyber-breeze.com

14 No it isn’t what you think!

It’s just her arm, can’t you see or take a second look. Although we will sheepishly admit, yeah, it can fol anyone though. But you did think it was a very cute arm didn’t you??

what you think!

Image Source: www.viralthread.com

15 it’s just a casual photograph

Well yes you have to admit, these lovely legs placed in such a way leave little to the imagination so you’re forgiven unless you weren’t exactly looking at what everyone else was seeing and eyeing the third girl from the left who’s showing a god bit of thigh there.

casual photograph

Image Source: www.pr-amg.ru

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