25 X Rated But Hilarious Photographs Actually Innocent and Not What They Seem

You should never judge a photograph on first glance because there are many which may make your cheeks red or snigger but it isn’t what you think. Our minds register a stereotyped situation immediately simply because our minds are full of stuff like that. It’s what we want to see and those who may deny it so, cmon!! Let’s not be hypocritical, sometimes it’s ok to be naughty too as that is what spices life up. But be that as it may, let’s see what your mind registers first, are these X rated photos to you on first glance, or just a badly timed shot. Take a look at 25 X rated photos actually innocent in nature.

1 You saw boobs first didn’t you?

If you did then you won’t make a good detective because that would be the world’s first pair of boobs without nipples. It’s her knees!!!

You saw boobs first

Image Source: www.cyber-breeze.com

2 That’s a meaty sausage

Perhaps they might have forgotten to put aside that monster take from some animal. Imagine this being brought put at the dinner table, it would be a hilarious situation, but hey!! It’s just a sausage not a boner.

meaty sausage

Image Source: www.epimg.net

3 No she isn’t massaging herself!

She is massaging the guy’s neck, how bad your eyes are or rather how dirty is your mind? It’s just an innocent photo of a neck massage and Yes, of course, massages always have a happy ending, but not in the way you’re thinking of.

massaging herself

Image Source: www.viralthread.com

4 Just two gals hanging out at a bar

Can’t two gals hang out without anyone thinking differently?? And she got her hands in between her own legs so stop what you’re thinking. Have you got one track mind??

two gals hanging out at a bar

Image Source: www.minuterelaxe.com

5 He isn’t being blown away

That’s just a woman on the poster, what did you think?? But you have to admit, this would certainly make a good vacation photograph.

being blown away

Image Source: www.dispatch.cdnser.be

6 it’s just an eye closed

Naughty optical illusions created intentionally are fun no doubt but when the photo is accidental and of something very natural, that makes it all the more interesting. So what did you see on first glance??

just an eye closed

Image Source: www.dailystar.co.uk

7 No he isn’t crapping

‘And neither is that his John Thomas slipping from a tear in his pants. Look closely, it’s a shoe belonging obviously to the foot of the woman behind him.


Image Source: www.cyber-breeze.com

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