World’s Top 6 Youngest

The world is always fascinated when young people do astonishing things. There will always be some fame around youngest college students, youngest kids with highest IQ, youngest parents or grandparents and so on. Perhaps we are used seeing youngsters and children as people who still need to learn and experience life before they achieve something big in their lives. Well, it’s not always like that and these cases of “world’s youngest” are the biggest proof for that.

#1. World’s youngest grandmother

This Romanian housewife is only 28 years old, but it is believed that she is the world’s youngest grandmother. The British tabloid The Sun reports that Rifca Stanescu had her first child, a daughter named Maria, at the age of 12. Even though the young mother was trying to teach her daughter not to repeat her mistakes, Maria repeated family history when she was only 11 and gave birth to a son, Ion. Stanescu was only 23 when she became a grandmother. The young grandmother has mixed feelings about the whole thing because she’s happy about her grandson yet she wished something more for her young daughter than becoming a mother at such young age.

World’s youngest grandmother

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