25 Wildlife Photographs That Are Truly Hilarious And Award Winning

It seems this month is a trending time for viewing the best of wildlife photography. First Natgeo just unveiled their 2017 nature and travel photography awards early this month which you can view here and now it’s the prestigious Sony Comedy Wildlife photography Awards 2017 which will undoubtedly produce some fantastic images not just to enthral but to amuse as well. The contest si still underway and will close on 30th September but the entries have started pouring in and are hilarious to say the least. Some of these photographs have captured spontaneous expressions which are incredible but see them for yourself. Here are the 10 best submissions so far.


1 Help me you dopes: Tibor Kercz Hungary

This amazing shot was taken by Hungarian photographer Tibor Kercz in Opusztaszer heritage National Park in Southern Hungary. It is one of the best and it seems as if the owl is actually pleading with his unconcerned siblings to save him from falling.


Tibor Kercz Hungary hilarious photography

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com


2 A hole in one: Douglas Croft California

That’s a hole in one alright but it certainly isn’t a golf ball, this to chose one of the best places to poop. One can only imagine what would happen later when a golfer stuck his hand down that hole and touched more than just a ball.

Douglas Croft California wildlife comedy photography

Image Source: www.demilked.com

3 Hitchhiker: Katarina Denesova, Australia

Clicked by Denesova in Queensland, the sight must have been an amazing one for the photographer who seized the opportunity. She captioned it as the toll collector but the owl actually looks more like a ghost.


Katarina Denesova, Australia comedy photography

Image Source: www.day.az


4 Pom Sae Kangaroo, Andres Giljov Australia

It seems this Kangaroo clicked by photographer Andres Giljov was practicing for some kung fu event or just showing off his Pom Sae exercise skills in taekwondo. His stance is near perfect and ready to do battle.

Pom Sae Kangaroo, Andres Giljov Australia

Image Source: www.demilked.com

5 You talking to me? George Cathcart California

Gathering form the expression on this seal’s face it appears as if he is the Robert De Niro of the seal world. Photographer George Cathcart seems to have got the spontaneous shot right in time.


George Cathcart California

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net

6 Guffawing Seals!! Roie Galitz, Israel

Roie Galitz is a popular nature and wildlife photographer. This shot of seals that seem to be actually posing for him is one of the best of the Sony Comedy wildlife photography awards 2017. The shot was taken on South Georgia Island.


Guffawing Seals!! Roie Galitz, Israel

Image Source: www.mediaclub.cc

7 Carry On Up the Jungle, Tanzania, Gill Merritt

This angry looking lion must have been quite an experience by photographer Gill Merritt taken in a national park in Tanzania. Imagine going up close to a lion just for a photograph. But!! It’s an incredible shot.


Carry On Up the Jungle, Tanzania, Gill Merritt

Image Source: www.clipmass.com

8 Trouble in Paradise, Peter Odeh

Penguins have feelings and this little guy in Antarctica seems to be feeling very low and depressed. But what’s even more intriguing is the other penguin who seems to be comforting him. Wonder what he could be saying in his penguin language.


Trouble in Paradise, Peter Odeh

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

9 Are you sleeping? Kristine Mayes, British Columbia

From what seems to be happening here, the bird in the middle has dozed off and the one on the left is asking it to wake up. A beautiful shot by photographer Kristine Mayes taken in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Kristine Mayes, British Columbia

Image Source: www.ogoom.com

10 Pirate Owl, Andrez Vejar, Chile

This little guy with a feather that seems to have fallen over his eye looks like captain Jack Sparrow and can well get a role in the Pirates of the Caribbean. A lovely shot by photographer Andrez Vejar who clicked this in Metropolitana.


Pirate Owl, Andrez Vejar, Chile

Image Source: www.kxcdn.com

11 How you doin: Yamamoto Tsuneo, Japan

This is one awesome click at the right time by Yamamoto Tsuneo who shot the photo in Analamazaotra Special Reserve, Madagascar. It seems this lemur is actually wishing the photographer good luck.


Yamamoto Tsuneo, Japan

Image Source: www.mediaset.it

12 Special inspections: Graeme Guy

It looks as if this Giraffe is in the Masai Mara reserve in Tanzania is making a last minute check on this little airplane. Graeme Guy is one creative photographer to not just spot the angle but click the shot at the right moment. One of the best submissions of the Sony Comedy wildlife photography awards.


Special inspections Graeme Guy

Image Source: www.theultralinx.com

13Cheering Otter: Penny Palmer

This is one crazy photography that makes it appear as if this little otter is cheering loudly for some event or the other. Perhaps he may be cheering other otters on in a fight or in their daily instinctive work.

Cheering Otter byPenny Palmer

Image Source: uvnimg.com

14Caught in the act: Bence Mate

Well, this has to be taken in a lighter mood. Although this is, of course, a natural act in the wild, but the time and place, as well as the photo itself, silhouetted against the night horizon is brilliant and funny.

Caught in the act by Bence Mate

Image Source: www.netdna-ssl.com

15Take my photo!! NO!! Take mine!!: Troy Maine

It seems these two guys the turtle and this weird fish is having a race and each are trying to obstruct the other, OR, on the other hand, are they actually trying to gain the photographers attention. It6 actually seems like that. This won the undersea category.

turtle and this weird fis

Image Source: netdna-ssl.com


16Dressed for Church: Carl Henry

Now, this is an excellent panoramic photograph and it seems these three penguins are all headed for their Sunday sermon in Church. This received commendable mention.

Dressed for Church by Carl Henry

Image Source: www.wamu.org

17The Laughing Doormouse: Andrea Zampatti

Now, this is one neat photograph and one wonders how painstaking it might have been for the photographer to capture such a moment. This achieved the Winner of the Alex Walker’s Serian on the Land Category.

The Laughing Doormouse by Andrea Zampatti

Image Source: media.mnn.com


18Animal Encounters: Jean Jacques Alcalay

This achieved commendable status and it appears that this wild beast as it is called is standing on top of one of his mates. Either that or there is a tree trunk or mound that is not visible because of the crowd around him.

Animal Encounters: Jean Jacques Alcalay

Image Source: www.digitalrev.com

19The finger: Gil Gofer

Well, this is a new thing we’ve learned regarding evolution, that even primates know what the finger means and this guy is giving it the right way to the photographer. Imagine the bewilderment of the photographer at the time.

The finger by Gil Gofer

Image Source: imgur.com

20He’s lost it or lost something: Angela Bohilke

He’s lost his keys is what the photographer used as a caption, well, either this guy has lost something or he may be searching for food. He certainly looks amusing doing it though.

lost something by Angela Bohilke

Image Source: netdna-ssl.com

21The Happy Frog: Artyom Krivosheev

Well, this frog may not be a prince in disguise but he certainly is a happy guy from the looks of it and maybe enjoying himself in the lily pond.

The Happy Frog: Artyom Krivosheev

Image Source: univision.com

22Monkey escape: Katy Laveck

These two monkeys seem to be having the time of their lives with this scooter showing that even animals are kids and want to have a bit of fun. They are actually enjoying the feeling of a scooty ride.

Monkey escape by Katy Laveck

Image Source: www.demilked.com

23Show me your best smile: Andreas Ettl

This is one cute photograph where this horse seems to be saying cheese for the photograph. He seems to be giving a mouthful of a laugh too. Excellent timing for the photographer who entered it in the pet category.

Show me your best smile by Andreas Ettl

Image Source: www.hankermag.com

24Selfie: George Bain

Now, this horse has definitely outdone the other one and should surely win the prize for the world’s best animal selfie. This guy seems to be following his owner by giving that most enjoyable happy smile.

Selfie by George Bain

Image Source: www.hankermag.com

25Shark Tales: Eugene Kitsios

Can a shark smile even be possible. The creativity and patience of the photographer in capturing a precise moment that makes a shark to appear to be smiling is truly commendable. A fantastic photo in the comedy wildlife Photography awards.

Shark Tales: Eugene Kitsios

Image Source: www.comedywildlifephoto.com


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