15 Times When The Marketing Team Took Advertising To A Whole New Level

The marketing team for any brand or company has a hard job to do. They need to spread awareness about their employers and promote whatever it is they are selling or doing. They also need to do it in a way that reaches the maximum number of people. This is achieved by thinking outside the box and taking risks. Doing things other marketing companies won’t or have not done before.


It doesn’t matter which brand or company it is, it doesn’t even matter what the company sells, it all depends on the marketing team to get them the attention of the public as well as the media. Some companies like to use wearable marketing, such as t shirts, coats or even custom bracelets to help get people advertising their brand that way. Given that your logo design is appealing, you might find that people will want to wear your business. Anyway, today we’ll be talking about the crazy and unique ad campaigns marketing companies came up with that really stood out. Trust us when we say some of these will blow your mind.

16 Best way to promote garages

What do Apple, Google, Amazon, Disney, and Harley have in common? Apart from being multimillion dollar companies they also apparently have a garage in common. According to this hilarious ad for a company that builds garages, to start your billion dollar empire you need a garage because most of them started in a garage.

Best way to promote garages

Image Source: breakbird.ru

15This is one incredible Hulk

This was for a Marvel and waxwork collaboration for Madame Tussauds. This was placed in public to give a glimpse of how incredible the waxwork was going to be. This looks straight out from a comic panel or scene from a movie where the Hulk stops a runaway tram, complete with the broken ground under the tram.

Incredible Hulk

Image Source: downthetubes.net

14Really limited offer

When Audi had a discount offer, the marketing company came up with the best idea to display this. They got a huge Audi logo made from ice, as this was a limited period offer, the ice would naturally melt hence being the best metaphor for a limited period offer. Even the caption under the logo was perfect.

Really limited offer

Image Source: forfun.com

13Order pizza using shoes

Yes, you can buy these limited number of shoes and order a pizza from Pizza Hut using them. The reality behind these shoes is Bluetooth. The Bluetooth in the shoes connects with your phone and on that, you need to install an app. Through that app, you can set the kind of pizza you’d like to have. Once your address is saved, anytime, anywhere, if you have these shoes on all you need to do is click the logo and your order will be placed.

Order pizza using shoes

Image Source: www.teamnerd.it


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