What The Happiest Day of Their Lives Looks Like For Different People

5Coming home safe

Having a son or daughter who is in the army is a daunting experience for any parent. We cannot begin to understand how happy they must feel when their child comes home safe and uninjured. The son must also feel extremely happy to be held by his father once again after a very long time.


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6Having twins

Childbirth can be a very stressful and challenging moment in any couple’s life. Numerous things could go wrong and at any moment disaster could strike but when it all goes to plan and the children are delivered safely then we can only imagine how happy the parents must feel especially when it was twins.


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7A dog and cat can be friends

This is every dog owner’s worst night nightmare, what happens if they bring home a cat or kitten? Well, luckily for this homeowner they have a dog that is just happy to meet his new friend. Just look at that smile on his face. And just look at that tiny kitten and how adorable it looks.


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8Finding your pet

When disaster strikes, it strikes without warning. How would you feel if you were hit by a tornado and you didn’t have time to save your pet? You would be devastated but what if you later found your pet to be alive? This would be your face as this woman found her pet cat 16 days after a tornado tore through her town.


Image Source: instagram.com


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