Were you at one time a believer of these ten biggest hoax stories of the world?

The world is full of hoaxes. Among all the stories you see going viral on the net, there’s a good chance that at least 25% of them are untrue. People generate hoax stories for publicity, for profit and some for the heck of it. Throughout history there have been some fascinating hoax stories which could only have been fabricated by the most imaginative and creative minds possible. On the eve of April Fools’ Day, let’s take a tour of the 10 most remarkable hoax stories of the world.


1 The Cottingley Fairies

Way back in 1919, two cousins Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright from Cottingley, Bradford, England posted several pictures in the media of themselves with dancing fairies complete with little gossamer wings. A personality no less than Arthur Conan Doyle vouched for their authenticity. However not everyone was taken in by the hoax, where one Major John Edwards tried in vain to expose the photos. Conan Doyle, a leading spiritualist of the time was too strong a public endorsement. However after 60 years in 1983, Elsie Wright confessed to a magazine “The Unexplained” that the entire episode was a hoax. The photographs were taken from a book.

The Cottingley Fairies

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2 The Amityville Horror

Almost everyone in the USA is aware of the Amityville horror. The story of the Lutz family terrorized by demonic possession of their home in Amityville inspired a film by the same name. In fact the Lutz family claimed the supernatural events were the result of a mass murder of the Defoe family by the youngest son Butch. Investigators ultimately proved the story was concocted by Butch and the Lutz family and they made a tidy profit from the incident.

The Amityville Horror

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3 The Raelians and Human Cloning

As mysterious cults go, the Raelians generated a lot of publicity when they claimed that their scientists cloned the world’s first human girl named Eve. Their leader Rael, who was believed to have come to earth after talking to aliens, preached that the ultimate aim of the Raelians was immortality. The experiment was condemned by scientists worldwide. Simultaneously President George Bush banned human cloning. However the incident was exposed as a publicity stunt due to lack of evidence.

 The Raelians and Human Cloning

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4 The Priory of Sion

The priory of Sion served as the foundation for Dan Brown’s famous book, The Da Vinci Code. The mystical cult group who claimed its origins dated to crusades was totally rubbished and debunked by scholars as the biggest hoax stories of the world of the 20th century.

The existence of the priory as secret society was declared by Pierre Plantard in 1956. He provided documented proof of its existence as a protector of a bloodline descended from the meroviginian dynasty. The hoax was uncovered when investigators found that the so called historical documents authenticating the society was planted by plantar and his associated in libraries around Paris.

The Priory of Sion

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5 Crop Circles

The famed crop circles which were baffling scientists for decades was actually the result of a prank created for fun to draw attention to UFO’s. Pranksters Dave Charley and Doug Bower confessed to the prank in 1991 but not before it had generated widespread interest and disbelief worldwide. The crop circles even led to the phenomena of subsequent crop circles around the world.

Crop Circles

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6 Photograph of the Lochness Monster

Yes!! Dear old Nessie’s photograph is a hoax. It was the result of exaggeration of a statement made by the original photographer Dr. Robert Wilson who claimed there was merely something in the water. A Discovery team’s analysis of the photograph proved that it was a hoax saying the questionable object wasn’t even 3 feet long let alone the fabled Lochness monster.

Photograph of the Lochness Monster

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7 Fiji Mermaid 1842

In 1882 Circus baron P.T Barnum once displayed what he claimed was the mummy of an actual mermaid caught in Fiji. The mermaid mummy was displayed through the United States, however it was later revealed to be a hoax and the so called mummy was actually made by a craftsman in Indonesia using live materials from exotic fish and paper Mache.

Fiji Mermaid 1842

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8 The Blair Witch Project

Among hoax stories of the world, this was classic. The Blair Witch Project was nothing more than an intelligent marketing strategy created to attract people into believing that the video footage was indeed real. It was just a movie made to appear realistic, depicting the events of the young research team who disappeared in the woods trying to document the mythical Blair Witch.

The Blair Witch Project

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9 Herbal Fuel Ramar Pillai, India

In 1996 a young man from Chennai, India, named Ramar Pillai claimed he had a secret ingredient to create fuel by boiling leaves and tree bark in water. Indian scientists sat up and took note hailing him as the Indian Isaac Newton. However he was ultimately arrested as the hoax revealed he was part of a larger criminal syndicate who concocted the story to sell stolen fuel from major oil companies in India.

Herbal Fuel Ramar Pillai, India

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10 Six Day Blackout of Earth Dec 16th 2015

One of the best internet hoaxes very recently where several sites reported a NASA warning that there would be an Earth blackout of 6 to 15 days from Dec 16th onwards till possibly Dec 22nd due to a solar storm. The reports created panic invoking NASA to make a statement saying that there was no such report issued by the space agency and it was a hoax.

Six Day Blackout of Earth Dec 16th 2015

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