We Do Miss the 90s

If you were a kid or young adult in the 90s you sure remember all those TV shows, cartoons, music, movies, accessories, clothes and whatnot. Just remember the Disney 90s classics, or the era of Michael Jackson’s music, or the cartoons on those early Saturday mornings… And although every generation will be nostalgic for the decade they will be nostalgic about, the 90s are somehow everyone’s favorite. These are the things that even though might not be as cool as today’s, we truly have a soft spot for them in our hearts.


1 Discman

How cool was this? Despite the fact that Sony first came up with a portable CD player back in the eighties at an extremely high cost of $350 to $400, it wasn’t until the mid-nineties when CDs sent vinyl records which may or may not be powered by phono preamps at Graham Slee HiFi and cassettes into the retirement home in the most brutal fashion that the Discman took off. Although the device skipped constantly at every bump and they were known for their very short “longevity,” we loved them regardless.


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2 90s Hip Hop and Rap Music

During the early and mid-nineties hip-hop used to be a pretty awesome genre – it actually was sending powerful messages and didn’t contain lyrics on the wealth of the rapper and there weren’t so many misogynistic words in them. Many artists back then wrote lyrics with deep social messages and they didn’t show off their expensive diamonds, gold chains, and fancy cars in their music videos and, most importantly, they didn’t hire porn stars to shake their bottoms right in their faces. Classic artists such as Tupac, Ice-T, Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys, Notorious B.I.G., Eric B. & Rakim, and many others left a bright legacy behind them shortly before the whole thing turned into one big circus filled with violence, inappropriate behavior, diamonds and cash.

90s Hip Hop and Rap Music

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3 Grunge

Even though grunge fashion is pretty trendy and popular in the past few years, the actual grunge music and life style are another mark of the 90s. Emotional and deep lyrics, bands that actually lived for the music and great bands like Nirvana or Alice in Chains were rocking our worlds.


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4 Sneakers with lights

If you didn’t have them you weren’t cool. The sneakers became the most favorite accessory for every kid under the age of thirteen who desperately tried to impress his friends. Not everyone could have afforded them unless they had rich parents that could buy them a pair of LA Gear light-up sneakers. Despite the fact that they were ridiculously expensive and the batteries died after you walked ten steps, some kids loved them more than their own life.

Sneakers with lights

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5 Boy bands

The pop scene was crowded with boys who were dancing silly choreographies, but we still loved them. Backstreet Boys, N-Sync, Take That, New Kids On The Block, Hanson and many more were smiling from the posters stick on the walls of millions of girls around the world. And they all were singing about love, friendship and were real heartthrobs. Did these kids today are good like them? We don’t think so.

Boy bands

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6 Beverly Hills 90210

What words can describe the popularity that this show had? We were all devotedly watching the show as if our lives depended on it. These guys were full of trendy and ridiculous (by modern standards) fashions that every 1990s teen imitated. Of course, most of us didn’t have the money these characters had on the series and as a result, we bought only what resembled their original wardrobe.

Beverly Hills 90210

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7 Pop Stars and Pop Music

Michael Jackson, Madonna (90s phase), George Michael, Celine Dion, Cher, the Spice Girls, Whitney Houston, a prime Britney Spears, and a classy, in-shape Mariah Carey. To make a long story short, nothing compares to them and even today’s pop stars are desperately trying to copy their unique style, dancing moves and way of living. But, sorry guys, nothing can compare to these giants.

Pop Stars and Pop Music

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Back in time when we didn’t have powerful computers, Internet and YouTube we could have only rely on these devices that were sacred. And even though they weren’t offering you the best quality, especially if you were recording something from TV, still the fact that they existed, together with the video recorder makes us smile and feel a little nostalgic.


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