Watch the heartwarming reaction of this Autistic Toddler on meeting Snow White


Going to Disneyland is every child’s dream including those who are handicapped and autistic. But what is now warming hearts across the net is how one little autistic boy responded when he saw Snow white. He actually fell in love. That’s right Little Jack Coley couldn’t help staring at the person playing the character Snow White for Disneyland. The autistic boy stared at Snow White with such a loving expression that amused and melted the hearts of onlookers including his family.

1 2 year old Autistic Jack Coley is taken to Disneyworld to meet the girl of his dreams

As part of the Family Vacation, 2-year-old Jack Coley was taken to Disneyworld in November. An extremely shy little boy suffering from autism, his mother never really expected him to give such a response. The tender moment with Snow White turned out an amazing one for the entire family.

Autistic Jack Coley

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2 Jack couldn’t help staring at Snow White lovingly

Jack’s big brown eyes simply stared at the beautiful Snow White. he actually leaned on her and smiled. He even rested his little head on her lap while she rubbed his hair and cuddled him. Jack was in love. It was tragic that just two weeks after the trip to Disneyworld, jack was diagnosed with nonverbal autism.

diagnosed with nonverbal autism

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3 The meeting will melt your heart

Jack was so taken up with Snow White that he grinned from ear to ear. Mom Amanda explained that it was the first time she had seen a whole new side to the shy boy. When you watch his expressions in the video, it will definitely melt your heart.

The meeting will melt your heart

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4 Adorable memories for the entire family

Jack isn’t the only child. Fortunately, he has two older brothers who always look out for him. They extend every ounce of support because of his autism. Disneyworld has now become their favorite destination because moments like these are just adorable and happy memories for the entire family. Jacks mom said she cried helplessly when she saw the beautiful interaction especially when the little autistic boy stared at Snow White.

Watch the beautiful video of this little autistic boy meeting Snow White at Disneyworld.


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