Watch this Beautiful Pixar Like short Video just gone Viral and Guaranteed to bring Tears to your Eyes

Pixar is well known for its animated shorts that have the tendency to go viral. But now!! In a first of its kind, A Pixar like short film has moved away from tradition and explored a pressing issue faced by hundreds of LGBTQ youth trying to come to terms with their feelings. “In a Heartbeat” has taken the internet by storm with its cute theme of a young boy and his feelings for a handsome peer.

In today’s world of intolerance towards such issues, the short has rightly made a step in the right direction where “In a Heartbeat” was put together by two Florida students, Beth David and Esteban Bravo of Ringling College of art and design and submitted as part of their animation thesis.


1 The film showcases the essence of humanity

In a heartbeat is all of 4 minutes but within the time, it comes to life and lights up the screen as more than just a college project. Even as a same gender marriage is being hotly debated in the Australian parliament, the hardliners should watch the film to learn a thing or two at how humanity prevails for all. The film is about Sherwin a shy introverted gay boy fighting to keep his own heart within limits even as it keeps popping out helplessly in a rush of feelings for another handsome boy.

The film has clocked more than 8 million views on YouTube since it was uploaded earlier this week. The film was produced by David and Bravo with the help of a Kickstarter fund of $$14,000 and ended up being the NO1 trending movie clip this week.

Pixar Like short Video

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