’Once Upon a Time’ Season 7 premiere spoilers – 5 most shocking reveals


After a long hiatus “Once Upon a Time” is finally back with its seventh season. And judging by the premiere, we can expect nothing less than a wild ride as we further explore the new characters and their storylines. The show got the necessary reboot, a lot of characters we grew to love over the years are missing from the story, and we have no idea what happened to them. Guess this is yet another thing to add to the list of mysteries of “Once Upon a Time” Season 7.

As far as the first impressions go, “Hyperion Heights” which is the name of the episode, did a pretty good job at revealing just enough to keep us hooked since it introduced a whole bunch of new characters and gave the new identities to some old ones. Quite a way to start a season, don’t you think? So let’s break it all down and see what we learned so far.

1 Henry seeks out new adventure

In the very first scene of the episode, we see the young Henry, still played by Jared Gilmore at this point, in what turned out to be a pretty touching scene. And how could it not be? He is saying goodbye to Regina, and not a moment later he is on the motorcycle, ready to go through the portal in pursuit of his story.

After all, there are endless possibilities now that he learned that there are different versions of some fairytale characters, so with that in mind, it’s no wonder Henry is going on an adventure of his own.

enry seeks out new adventure

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2 A different realm, a different love story

Next, we see Henry, now all grown up and played by Andrew J. West, on his motorcycle who crashes into Cinderella in a scene that is supposed to mirror the first encounter between Henry’s grandparents, Snow White and Prince Charming. Although the chemistry between the two is strong, that doesn’t stop Cinderella from punching Henry in the face and stealing his motorcycle in the process.

Once Upon a Time’ Season 7

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3 The ball twist

It appears that Cinderella used the motorcycle to get to the ball to kill the prince who took everything from her. But Henry soons find her, and already in love, proposed that they go to a place where everybody gets their fresh start.

Cinderella, as fierce as she is, refuses and heads off to find the prince instead. Suddenly, Henry is starting to feel dizzy from the drink the waitress gave him earlier that night – the waitress who is Alice from Wonderland (and other places as she eagerly likes to point out). It appears that she is on a mission (given by Rumplestiltskin by the way) to stop Henry from interfering with Cinderella’s story.

Cinderella, as fierce

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Meanwhile, Cinderella finally meets with the prince. But instead of killing him, she changes her mind. Unfortunately, the prince is stabbed anyway by none other than Lady Tremaine, Cinderella’s evil stepmother who then blame the murder on Cinderella. But Henry shows up just in time to save her from the guards and then tells her to meet him at the place they first met.

However, once Henry gets to this place, Cinderella isn’t there. Then, as he finds her glass slippers, Henry decides to look for her instead of going through the portal.

4 A mysterious visitor

Meanwhile, in the real world, Henry drives a taxi. Then, we get to see that he is also a writer with a severe case of writer’s block. And this is where Lucy shows up on his doorstep claiming to be his daughter. She urges him to go with her back to Hyperion Heights – a place where all the cursed fairytale characters are, under a control of Victoria Belfry (aka Lady Tremaine), but Henry doesn’t believe her. She eventually steals his laptop with the message that he must come to Ronnie’s in Hyperion Heights to get it back.

Lucy shows up on his doorstep

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5 No more Storybrook

Henry arrives outside Ronnie’s and sees a girl who gives him a creepy look. The girl is Tilly (aka Alice) who ends up going to ask for someone named Weaver who is holding some guy’s head underwater. And we find out that Weaver is Rumplestilskin.

Meanwhile, Henry enters the bar and sees Ronnie (aka Regina) who reveals that the bar is going to be Victoria’s property as soon as the midnight comes.

Also, we meet Jacinda (aka Cinderella) in a restaurant while she is bullied by her boss because she was late. She then quits and goes back to her apartment only to find out that her daughter Lucy is missing. She eventually finds her at a fountain. After finding out about Lucy’s little quest to find her apparent father, Jacinda goes to Ronnie’s to give Henry his laptop back.

Henry enters the bar and sees Ronni

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They seem to like each other very much, and she proceeds to tell him about her plans to go to a peaceful island with Lucy. But they are interrupted by Victoria who shows up like she owns a place and proceeds to tell Jacinda that tomorrow, Lucy is going to be moving back with her.

6 Meet detective Rogers

Then we see Henry walking out of the bar, only to find that his car is missing. Conveniently, there is a police station right on the corner, and this is where we see Rogers (aka Hook), a police officer who is trying to help Henry find his car.

Meanwhile, Jacinda plans on taking Lucy to that island but is eventually stopped by the police officer Rogers and Ivy, Victoria’s daughter. Rogers ends up with Lucy’s “Once Upon a Time” book and sees something interesting, but we don’t know what, yet.

detective Rogers

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Then, we see Ronnie refusing to sell the bar and Rogers being promoted to a detective and partnered up with Weaver.

At the very end of the episode, we finally see the page from the “Once Upon a Time” book Rogers saw earlier. It shows a picture of Emma Swan.


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